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Waste Reduction Week – RRC success stories added up!

November 7, 2013

WRW snip2

During Waste Reduction Week we successfully caught hundreds of students reducing, reusing and recycling. Special thanks to RRC Food Services and Aramark, College Relations, Steve Coates and the Recycling Team for helping make this event such a success!

By the numbers – here’s what we did:

720 reusable EcoMugs sold across campuses!
667 students and staff caught lugging a reusable mug.
185 staff and students answered 2 important survey questions:

  1. Can Tim’s cups can be recycled? (Answer: No)
  2. What percentage of staff and students use a reusable mug on campus? (Answer: 7%)

40% of people surveyed answered both questions correctly.
5400 lbs. of computers, monitors, printers, TV’s, and other e-waste were recycled.
15 students and staff learned about RRC’s successful waste reduction and recycling program and how we’re diverting 80% of our waste at our newest buildingWatch the session here.
25 recycling bins were given new homes at our “Retired Bin” giveaway.

Whew… we were busy, but like the Energizer Bunny we’re going to keep on going!

We will be continuing our “Mug Shot” campaign!  Watch for us in the halls this November snapping photos of folks using their EcoMugs. These pictures will be added to our “Mug Shot” lineup, in the Library Hallway (Notre Dame Campus) and online at Sustainability@RRC – our Facebook page. All “Mug Shot” entries will be entered to win free coffee for the month!

Stay tuned….