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Commuter Challenge: Confessions of a sustainability coordinator

May 28, 2013

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I know that driving alone to work is not a sustainable mode of commuting, yet day after day I drive to work. I decided that I needed to make a change, and the Commuter Challenge is helping motivate me to explore more active, sustainable commuting options.

I checked out four ways to gear up for the Commuter Challenge and decided the best fit for me was to bike to work at least one day during that week. So this past weekend, I took my first steps, and took my bike out of the garage, gave it a little tune up and planned my bike route to the College.

Over the next few days I will train to complete the 25 km route. Committing to trying a sustainable way of commuting is what the Commuter Challenge is about.  I hope you will join me in the challenge by registering, and making a commitment to bus, walk, cycle, carpool or telecommute to and from work at least once from June 2- 8, 2013.

How to gear up for the Commuter Challenge:

  • Use to find a carpool partner (FREE matching service June 1-30)
  • Pull your bike out of the garage and get it road ready.
  • Use Navigo, Bustext, and Telebus find your most convenient transit route.
  • Ask if you can work from home.

Register: get active, help the planet, reduce your CO2 emissions and win great prizes!

By participating in the Commuter Challenge you support Canadian Environment Week, and promote personal, environmental and community health across Canada. For more information contact Sue Hayduk, your Commuter Challenge workplace coordinator.