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Organic Lawn Care – Create a beautiful lawn naturally!

April 25, 2013

Jennifer Berger from the Manitoba Eco-Network gave a great presentation about the many benefits of  Organic Lawn Care. She reminded us to treat our lawn like a natural system, one that needs the right balance of nutrients to live and grow well. Along with the many reasons why we should eliminate chemicals from our lawns, she shared some great tips and tricks on how to properly aerate, mow and seed our lawns to out-compete weeds, and offered some advice on other sustainable garden-like alternatives to lawns.

Some of the highlights from the session were:

  • You can test the health of your lawn using a “soil nutrient kit” available at most garden stores.
  • Seeding in the fall is the best way to reclaim your lawn from weeds or other undesirable plants.
  • Put a Frisbee on your lawn when you water – when it’s full then you’ll know it’s well- watered.

You can watch the presentation here, or for more information on organic lawn care contact the Manitoba Eco-Network.