Online Education Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: The information presented on this page may be impacted by current COVID-19 restrictions at RRC Polytech. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.

Online Education

What is Online Learning?

RRC Polytech delivers online and distance courses right to your home; online, audio-teleconferences, telephone tutorials, email, CD-ROMs, textbooks, printed materials. Find out more about the delivery methods.

Can I take courses if I live in Winnipeg?

Over half of our Online Learning students live in Winnipeg.

How do I get my textbooks and course materials?

Textbooks are not automatically ordered as part of your registration. Order your textbooks and course materials from the Campus Store. Items can be mailed to you or picked up in person at our Notre Dame Campus or Exchange District Campus.

How and where do I write exams?

Exam arrangements and request forms are included with each course package sent to students. Follow the instructions and return the completed form.

Students may write exams at the Exam Centre (Notre Dame Campus) or a Regional Campus, Campus Manitoba Centres, or other post-secondary institutions, schools or government offices.

Students writing at locations other than a RRC Polytech campus must make arrangements for supervision while they write. Exam supervisors must have professional status (teacher, school principal, lawyer, doctor, member of the clergy). To eliminate conflict of interest, an exam supervisor cannot be a relative, friend, co-worker, supervisor, employer, another student or someone living at the same address.
Exam supervisors are subject to approval by RRC Polytech.

Examiner fees, if any, are the responsibility of the student. Exams are not returned.

Can I complete all the programs listed on the web from my own home?

No. Check the legend on the program outline.

What do I do if I know I’m going to miss a scheduled teleconference class or chatroom discussion?

Advise your instructor or Red River College Polytechnic and we will inform your instructor.

When do I get my course mark?

After you complete your course, you will be able to check your grades through WebAdvisor. Please allow three weeks for the instructor to finalize your mark and submit your grade. If you have any loaner materials, it is critical that they be returned to the College immediately.

How do I register if my company or agency is paying for my course?

Arrange with your employer or sponsor to fax or mail us a completed registration form along with an authorization letter (or the employer can use our Sponsorship form, which we will fax on request). We’ll register you and then invoice your employer or agency.

Where do I send my assignments?

Options for submitting assignments vary by course. These options include email, fax, mail, LEARN and /or self-marked. Many courses have two to three methods of choice. Details are included in your course package.

Do I get any help from the instructor?

Most courses include some tutorial time. Usually, the instructor will arrange to call you at a convenient time. Work schedules and other responsibilities may limit the times your tutor can be reached. For some courses, tutoring is done by email.

Is everything included in the course package?

Yes, with a couple of exceptions. Your package includes sets of directions, printed learning materials and any loaned items such as sets of journal articles or videotapes. Some exceptions are Cataloguing and the RN Refresher courses.

Textbooks are an additional cost and can be purchased from the Campus Store website.

How long do I have to complete an entire program?

Certificate programs must be completed within four years and diploma programs must be completed within six years.

Exceptions are noted on the program’s webpage.

Who do I contact if I have trouble accessing my e-learning materials?

If taking your course through LEARN, email the help-line at; through SharePoint, email our Technical Support at

What is the difference between term and self-directed courses?

Find out how we deliver credit courses to you.

Customer Service

How do students learn about their course details when registering online?

When students register online they will receive an automatic email to the email they registered with that outlines the requirements for the course if a textbook is required, the classroom they will go to and their instructors name as well as the start and end times for the course.


How far in advance does a student have to schedule their exam?

Online students must be ready to schedule their exam at least three weeks prior to the end date as the final exam should be completed by the last day of the course.

International Credentials

Do students need to have ELP scores submitted with their credentials?

Yes, they must submit a CanTEST (done at the LTC) or IELTS (Academic) with their International Credentials before the assessment will be done.

Is there a fee for having the international credentials assessed?

Yes, please refer to the International Credentials Assessment Fee on the Fees page.

Refund Policies

For information about part-time education refunds, see Red River College Polytechnic’s fees.

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