Workplace Language Exposure

A Workplace Language Exposure Program is a part of all the Stage 2 (CLB 5+ to CLB 8) Intensive English courses, as well as some of the English for Specific Purposes (ESP) programs (programs for Permanent Residents).

This 3-week work exposure gives students the opportunity to learn and use workplace language, gain valuable Canadian work experience, practise essential employability skills, and make important connections with employers in their occupational field.

Here’s what students and employers have said about their experience with the Workplace Language Exposure Program

  • “(The student’s) attendance was perfect and his initiative to understand things and to excel his English skills were noticed. He also demonstrated willingness to help out with various tasks. He became much more confident over time talking to me and joking with me. Overall I was impressed with how much he grew his English skill set. It was a good experience for us both.”(Epic)
  • “All of my students’ volunteer experiences were positive. The students cannot say thanks enough for their placements. One student was offered a job in her field (display and merchandising) and she is very happy!. On another note, a former student just emailed me to say that his volunteer placement a year ago helped him get hired now – nice, eh?”(LTC’s Intensive EAL instructor)
  • “We’ve got many RRC Polytech graduates working at our office from the architectural technology program and we support what the college is doing. It just seemed like such a good fit for the Iranian architect that we have here to help mentor your student during her time with us.”(LM Architectural Group)
  • “Dear Teacher, Today, it was my first day at the museum. It was helpful for me and you know I feel confident today for I spoke in front of 25-30 people. Moreover, I took first turn for introducing. I hope this workplace will be help me to improve my language skills. Thank you so much. Yours Sincerely, Harmandeep” (Student. Workplace: Canadian Museum for Human Rights)
  • “I would be happy to take another volunteer, please let me know if you have anyone else in mind.”(Alpine Building Maintenance Inc.)
  • “Volunteering was for me a beneficial experience, thanks to the big deal of knowledge I acquired and skills I was sculpted with. I was able not only to observe people working with elders, but also to handle, as volunteer, different kind of situation dealing with elders, which will be an added value to my career experience. Another benefit of volunteering was to meet nice people willing to help, and have a chance to understand the Canadian culture. To enumerate all the advantages and benefits I have had the chance to know and to be delighted with during my volunteer experience, will be an impossible task, for they are myriad and numberless.”(Student. Workplace: Seven Oaks General Hospital)
  • “Finding a job is difficult, getting a job is even more difficult so I just want to share my experience: 1st time I volunteered there, they didn’t know me and my abilities so they just gave me some simple things to do. 2nd time, they gave me more complex things to do. They knew my abilities so they gave more things which were similar to my profession to prove myself. I’m very happy to tell you that I got a job from the company where I volunteered last term.” (Student, Long Do)