Configure wireless network – Chromebook

To manually configure your personal device to connect to the RRC wireless network, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings icon at the bottom of the taskbar.
    click settings icon
  2. Click RRC Wireless.
    click rrc wireless
  3. Complete the following fields as required:
    • In the EAP Method field, select PEAP in the drop-down menu.
      change to peap
    • In the EAP Phase 2 Authentication, select MSCHAPv2 in the drop-down menu.
      choose MSCHAPv2
    • In the Server CA Certificate, select Do not check in the drop-down menu.
      choose Do not check
    • In the Identity field field, enter your College user name, and then your password.
      type in your username and password
    • Click Connect.
      click Connect
  4. IMPORTANT: There is a known issue with Chromebooks intermittently displaying an “Out of range” error message when connecting to a secure Wi-Fi network. When this error message appears, you may have to repeatedly forget and re-add this Wi-Fi connection on your Chromebook until you are able to reconnect.

    To view more information on RRC wireless, click on Connect to Red River College wireless.

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