Share files in OneDrive

For recommendations for the safe and appropriate use of your College OneDrive for Business account, please see the Office 365 usage recommendations webpage.

Sharing files

NOTE: If you want to save and share a PowerPoint presentation to OneDrive so other users can edit it, save the presentation using the .pptx file extension. (The .odp file extension does not allow multiple users to edit a presentation at the same time and the other users will have read‑only access.)
  1. Right‑click on the file that you want to share, and then click Share in the menu options.
    right click and share
  2. Type the recipients’ information into the Enter a name or email address field, add an optional message in the Add a message here field, and then click Share to email your message and a link to your file to the intended recipients.
    email and share

Managing your shared files

  1. Click the Shared icon on the left‑hand pane, and in the menu next to the file name, choose from the following options:
    • Select whether an individual has Can Edit or View Only permissions for the file.
    • Select the Stop Sharing option to cancel a user’s access.
      shared to stop sharing

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