Educational Assistants

Our educational assistants (EAs) provide valuable assistance by helping students succeed in their classes. Educational assistants gain a deep understanding of the course materials they are assigned to. Working under the guidance of the instructors they are paired with, Applied Computer Education (ACE) educational assistants troubleshoot issues students are having, and then empower the students to solve problems on their own.

EAs are assigned to be in technical classes with students. EAs help students in class by:

  • Helping students keep pace during hands-on lectures
  • Providing direction to students as they plan their solutions to problems
  • Answering questions about exercises, labs, and assignments

If you are an ACE student and are experiencing difficulty completing your assignments or understanding the course material, speak with the educational assistant assigned your class if they are available or contact the educational assistant during their office hours for assistance. Contact information may be found in the course outline you received at the start of the course.


The help desk is a drop-in time for students to get help with course work. No appointment is needed and students are not required to get help only from EAs that are in their classes. A schedule is posted outside the ACE office (P414) as well as in the Applied Computer Education Announcements LEARN shell that indicates when each of the EAs are assigned to the help desk. This schedule also indicates which courses each of the EAs are able to assist with. Students that wish to utilize the help desk should go to the ACE office (P414) and use the phone outside the door to contact the EA that they wish to meet with. (There is a staff contact list near the phone.)