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e-Care Smart – Part 1

January 8, 2018

view of treatment plan page

e-Care Smart is a project created to address the need for chronically ill people to be under constant medical care and supervision. The students worked from a client-provided mock-up.

This web-application allows for direct interaction between patients and medical practitioners, where doctors are able to prescribe medication and treatment for their patients online. An alerts system allows doctors to track patients condition, study the pattern and prevent dangerous outcomes.

Technologies Used: MEAN Stack with MongoDB, Express, Angular 4, Node JS; Swagger API; Responsive BootStrap; Angular Material.

We are very excited for the Winter 2018 students who are now working on the second phase of this project. Below are some screenshots from the first iteration of e-Care Smart’s web-application.

view of My Messages pageview of Patients page
view of treatment task page
view of Library of information page
view of care provider directory
view of My Alerts Page