Red River College’s Nursing faculty strives to teach nursing using relational practice as a foundation. We believe that teachers create a positive learning climate for the learner and foster the learner’s success. Teaching is a multi-faceted role based on principles of adult education. Teachers strive to engage learners in ways that increasingly empower them.

Through instructing, facilitating, coaching, tutoring, preparing, edifying, supporting, instilling, mentoring, role modelling, and evaluating, our teachers help to transform nursing students into professional nurses. Nursing students develop the acquisition of knowledge, skills, behaviours, perspectives, and attitudes accepted as essential to the professional role.

Department Leadership

Patrick Griffith

Nursing Chair


Cindy Boughen

BN/Rural Coordinator


Daryl Brooks

Coordinator – Clinical Education


Joanna Simmons-Swinden

Coordinator – Student Recruitment and Advising


Corey Sigurdson

Coordinator – Nursing Certificate and Professional Development Programs


Alison Fyfe-Carlson

Coordinator- International, Community and Inter-Professional Partnerships


Tracey Fallak

Curriculum Coordinator


Patricia Gregory

Patricia Gregory

Coordinator – Research and Scholarship


Lucille Canart

Coordinator of Specialty Programs


Nursing Support

Tyler Steiner

Technical Support


Jennifer Johnson



Laurie-Ann Nichol

Clinical – Admin.


Karla King

Admin. Assistant


Nursing Faculty – BN

Cheryl Adam BN RN

Cheryl Adam  RN BN

Nursing Instructor



Sandy AlguireSandy Alguire RN MN


Sandy is a Nursing Instructor /Course Leader in Pharmacology and Diagnostics for Nursing II. She is a graduate of the Adult Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Program and has worked most of her career in the Medical ICU at Health Sciences Centre. Sandy has her Master of Nursing Degree and is continuing her graduate education as a Doctoral Student in Nursing at the U of M. Her professional memberships include the Honor Society of Nursing Sigma Theta Tau and CACCN. Scholarships include the Dorothy Saydack Memorial Scholarship, a Special Award for Academic Efforts and The Irene Nordwich Foundation.

Diane Ammeter

Diane Ammeter RN BN

Nursing Instructor



Deidre Banks

Deirdra Banks RN BN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2516

Deirdra graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Nursing degree. She is currently a theory course instructor for Community Health Nursing II. Deirdra has worked with Health Canada as a Community Health Nurse in several of Manitoba’s First Nation Communities. Deirdra also has several years experience working in Orthopedic, Vascular and General Surgery units in urban hospitals, and over five years experience employed as charge nurse/emergency room nurse in rural Manitoba. While completing her Nursing Degree, Deirdra had opportunity to foster her love of teaching and learning through her employment as a Nursing Instructor with the Canadian Forces for five years. Deirdra is an active member of the CRNM.


Krystal Boyce-Gaudreau RN BN MN student

Nursing Instructor




Monica Burfoot RN BN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2013


459Lucille Canart RN BScN MN

Course Leader, Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3845


Tanya Cheale

Tanya Ch RN BScN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3009



Karlene Cifuentes RN BN MEd

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3012


Chris Collier

Chris Collier RN BN

Nursing Instructor



Allyson CooperAllyson Cooper RN MN

Nursing Instructor




Deb Cote

Deb Cote RN

Nursing Instructor



Rachel Croatto RN

Phone: 204-632-3846

Myrna Davis

Myrna Davis 

Nursing Instructor




Brenda Enns

Brenda Enns

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2230

Brenda currently is a nursing instructor in Nursing Techniques since 2013. In the past she has been involved with teaching Nursing Skills, Health Assessment and running a Simulation Center. She graduated from U of M in 2001 with a Bachelor of Nursing degree. Her past clinical work experience has been in general surgery, orthopedic nursing, day surgery and dialysis.


Marlee Enns RN BN

Nursing Instructor

Jennifer Fontaine RN BN

Student Advisor
Phone: 204-632-3006




Kim Fraser RN BN MN

Course Leader, Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2230



Patricia Fries

Patricia Fries RN BN

Clinical Nursing Instructor, Steinbach site, Rural BN program



??Tracy GatesTracy Gates RN BN BH E.c.

Clinical Nursing Instructor, Portage La Prairie, Rural BN Program



Tasha Gregory

Tasha Gregory RN BScN
Nursing Instructor




Deborah M. Gural, PhD (Psychology)

Phone: 204.632.3002

Deborah is an instructor in both the Nursing Department and the Child and Youth Care program at Red River College. Her current courses include Introduction to Psychology, Child and Adolescent Development, Emotional and Behavioural Disorders of Youth, and Cross-Cultural Psychology. Deborah’s primary research interests include perceived control, stress management, personal motivation, and mental health literacy.

Tom Harrigan

Tom Harrigan PhD

Phone: 204-632-2269



Holly Harrison

Holly Harrison RN BN

Nursing Instructor



Teri-Lyn HealyTeri Healy RN BN

Nursing Instructor

Teri currently is a Clinical Nursing Instructor, Community older adults, Health Assessment 2 instructor. In the past she has been involved with teaching Clinical practice 1 and 2, Nursing Skills Laboratory instructor,and as a Health Assessment 1 instructor Teri is employed casually as a Registered Nurse, Medical Unit at the Grace hospital. She graduated from the York University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, has an Emergency nursing certificate from Georgian College, Teri has worked in emergency, PACU, med/surg, pediatrics, community nursing and in personal care homes

Anna Henry BA

Administrative Assistant to the Chair, Dept of Nursing
Phone: 204-632-3750



Luanne Hill

Luanne Hill RN BScN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3058



Maureen Hutmacher BN RN

Maureen Hutmacher RN BN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2214




447Lee Jones RN MN

Nursing Instructor

Lee is a nursing instructor for Health Assessment 1 and Discipline of Nursing 2 and a clinical instructor for the LPN to BN rural program in Selkirk. She has previously taught Relational Communication 3 and was a first year clinical instructor for the RRC JBN and DNA programs. She graduated with her LPN from St. Boniface in 1982, the JBN program in 2003 and received her MN with a teaching focus from Athabasca University in 2013. She has over 30 years of clinical nursing experience in both rural and urban sites with a primary focus in critical care and medical nursing.


Robin Kemash-Robins

Nursing Instructor




Nancy Kosie

Nancy Kosie RN

Nursing Instructor



Anne Marie Kowatsch

Anne-Marie Kowatsch MSc

Phone: 204-632-2507



Joanne Loughery RN BN MN (student)


Joanne has a long-standing 30 year oncology nursing career in Manitoba. She graduated from HSC, School of Nursing in 1984 and BPRN Program, U of M in 2010. She is currently a graduate nursing student at the U of M. Her master thesis is entitled “Supportive Care Experiences of Rural Women with Breast Cancer: An Interpretative Descriptive Qualitative Study” with an expected completion date in December 2015. Joanne has been teaching at RRC for over 10 years and is currently the course leader to Relational Nursing 3: Teaching and Learning and Oncology Nursing. Joanne has a special interest in scholarly work related to rural inequities and equitable access to health services for rural Canadians. She is the founding member and ongoing advocate of A Port in the Storm Inc. and is working on the development of a Rural Nursing Elective for the RRC BN program.


Ana Lariviere RN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3020




Tracy Luedtke RN BN MEd(c)

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3020



Elizabeth Lunn

Elizabeth Lunn RN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3020



Tara Magnus-Walker

Tara Magnus-Walker RN RPN BN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2931




Joanne Major RN MN

Course Leader, Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-631-3310



Brigitte Manabat

Brigitte Manabat RN BN

Nursing Instructor



Bernadette Mandrick Bernadette Mandrick RN BN

Phone: 204-632-2574

Bernie has over 25 years of Pediatric nursing experience including almost 15 years of experience at Red River College. She has had teaching responsibilities in clinical practice, techniques lab and in the classroom. She has been a clinical facilitator in adult and pediatric settings and in both rural and urban facilities. Her current responsibilities are in the third year of the BN program teaching Perinatal and Growing Families Health and Pediatric clinical. Bernie is a WNRCASN member and has presented at a recent conference with her colleagues on research done in preparing students for online registration testing.

Corrinna Marcellin

Corrina Marcellin RN BN

Nursing Instructor




Susan McComb RN BNSusan McComb

Nursing Instructor

Susan graduated with her BN from the University of Manitoba. After graduation she worked for the Manitoba Government in Public Health and Home Care in rural Manitoba. She worked at a medical clinic in Ste. Anne, and was involved in nursing research with the University of Manitoba on the study of Farmer’s Lung Disease. The next few years were spent working at Bethesda Hospital, Steinbach, in Rehabilitation, Medicine and Emergency. Susan has been employed with RRC since 2001 and has been teaching in the Health Care Aide program located in Steinbach. She has, and is currently, teaching first year BN students at Concordia Hospital, Clinical Practice 1 and 2.

461Debbie McFarland RN RPN BNS

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3009



Deb MillerDeb Miller RN BN






Doris Miller RN MN

Nursing Instructor



KimMitchellKim Mitchell RN BA BN MN

Phone: 204-632-2920

Kim began teaching at Red River College in 2002. Presently her main teaching responsibilities include Research and Scholarship and Scholarly Writing. Kim has degrees from the University of Manitoba (BA 1992; BN 1997; MN 2002).  Her Master’s thesis explored Uncertainty Symptom Distress and Anxiety in Patients Waiting for Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery for which she has several Peer Reviewed Publications. Since that time, her main teaching interests have including building better writing skills in Nursing Students and she is presently in Phase II of a research study to explore self-efficacy related to writing in first year BN students.

Tammy Moran RN BNcc(c)Tammy Moran

Phone: 204-632-2926



Lilian Mugweni RN MN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3752

Lilian began teaching at Red River College in 2009. Her nursing practice experience includes post-anesthesia care, orthopedic surgery, gyne-oncology and community nursing. Teaching experience includes nine years as clinical instructor in med-surg, gyne-oncology, geriatrics, rehab, and palliative care at both the University of Manitoba and Red River College. Lilian obtained a Bachelor of Nursing degree and Masters of Nursing degree from the University of Manitoba in 1999 and 2009. Her practicum/ theses explored the Prenatal Health Promotion Experiences of Recent Immigrant Women in Winnipeg. Other research interests include cultural competence and women’s health. Lilian’s current teaching areas include Community Health 2 (The Larger and Global Community), Health Assessment 1 and Techniques. Lilian is a member of the Sigma Theu Xi Lamba Association, WNRCASN and the Institute for International Women’s Rights Inc.

Monica Nash

Monica Nash RN BN

Nursing Instructor





Heather Nielson RN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2258


Jennifer L Otto RN BN MN (Student)

Course Leader, Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2918

Jennifer Lynn Otto BN MN (Student) began her career at Red River College (RRC) in 2009 as a Clinical and Health Assessment Instructor. Currently Jennifer holds the position of Course Leader for a second year clinical course and third year Interprofessional Practice course which includes an Interprofessional Education component. Her professional memberships include CRNM, WNRCASN and as president elect with CNHE. She is completing her CAE, graduate studies, and was the recipient of a part time student award from the UMGSA. Additional certification includes University of British Columbia – Air Quality & Human Health.


Edie Pankratz

Edie Pankratz RN

Phone: 204-632-3021



Karen Parker

Karen Parker RN BN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3762



Dania ParkinsonDania Parkinson RN BN

Nursing Instructor



Donna Parniak

Donna Parniak RN

Nursing Instructor



photo 14

Bonnie Peers RN BN

Classroom Facilitator
Phone: 204-485-4032

Bonnie is currently a classroom facilitator at the RRC Selkirk Rural BN program site. This entails working with students while maintaining the technology of video streaming. Bonnie has a history of working as a Clinical Instructor in Year 1, Health Maintenance and Promotion of the Older Adult, and Nursing Skills Laboratory instructor.  Bonnie has classroom experience teaching Growth and Development and Discipline of Nursing 3. She is also employed as a Registered Nurse at Middle Church Home of Winnipeg on a casual basis. She has worked for Red River College for the past 6 years. Bonnie is an active member of the RRC Nursing Dept Public Relations Committee and is a CRNM member.

Ginny Penner

Ginny Penner RN BN

Nursing Instructor



Marilyn Penner

Marilyn Penner RN BN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3046




Wendy Peters RN

Nursing Instructor

Wendy has worked as a Registered Nurse in the area of mental health for 22 years both at Health Sciences Centre and St. Boniface General Hospital.   She has been a Clinical Instructor for both RRC Nursing Department’s JBN and BN programs for thirteen years and previously for University of Manitoba Faculty of Nursing. Wendy also teaches Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing in the Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Nurses (BPIEN). Since obtaining a Legal Nursing Consultant Certificate, Wendy works part time as an Independent Nursing Consultant for medical malpractice lawsuits in the area of mental health.

Kim PinelKimberely Pinel RN BN


Nursing Instructor



Tara Roberts RN BN

Nursing Instructor, Class room facilitator, Portage Site, Rural BN Program
Phone: 204-871-1469

Tara graduated from the Misericordia School of Nursing in 1989 with her RN and from the University of Manitoba in 2013 with her BPRN. Tara is currently working on her master’s degree with the University of Manitoba. She worked for 20 years in acute care, including ICU/CCU, Emergency, OR, and PACU in conjunction with being a clinical instructor with the University of Manitoba and Red River College. Tara has been a clinical instructor in the surgical program, as well as a lab instructor in the Health Assessment course for Red River College. Currently Tara is the classroom facilitator for the Portage site in the Rural Nursing Program (LPN to BN).

Richel Roq

Richel Roque RN

Nursing Instructor



Rosati Louisa

Louisa Rosati RN


Louisa has worked in the RRC BN Nursing Program as a first and second year Clinical Instructor, on Medical and Surgical Units since 2011.Louisa graduated from RRC DNA program in 2006. She has worked in the Medicine and Emergency Departments of Concordia Hospital plus as been involved with Immunization Administration. Louisa is currently also employed as an agency nurse in rural Manitoba in various Medical, Surgical, Rehab and Emergency units.


Jackie Santiago RN BN MEd

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3008




Marie Sawatsky RN

Nursing Instructor, Steinbach site, Rural BN Program



Wilma Schroeder MMFT BN RN

Wilma Schroeder RN BN MMFT

Nursing Instructor, Course Leader
Phone: 204-632-2957

Wilma Schroeder is a nurse and family therapist, and an active member of the International Family Nursing Association. She is Course Leader for Family Nursing, and the first-year Communication courses. She coordinates our Violence Prevention Program and NVCI training. Wilma has edited a counselling textbook and parts of a psychiatric nursing textbook for Canadian content. Her clinical focus includes families living with mental illness, and family violence. Wilma co-founded Assiniboine Family Therapy, a coalition of private practice therapists, and is President of the Board of the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society.

Allyson Sheedy

Allyson Sheedy RN





Jane Siepman

Jane Siepman RN

Nursing Instructor




Janet Spence RN MN

Nuring Instructor
Phone: 204-632-3059



Ana Stipanovich

Ana Stipanovic RN, BN, MN

Nursing Instructor, Course Leader
Phone: 204-632-3062

Ana joined the Red River College nursing department in 2001 and has served as a classroom, lab, clinical instructor, and course leader in a variety of areas including health assessment, epidemiology and illness prevention, nursing techniques, professional issues, and community health. She obtained her BN (’94) and MN (’03) degrees, both from the University of Manitoba. She currently teaches Epidemiology and Illness Prevention.


Judy Sutton RPN BSc MHN (Mental Health Nursing)

Nursing Instructor

Judy Sutton, RPN, is a Clinical Nursing Instructor in Mental Health Community with RRC. She has over 30yrs of Psychiatric Nursing experience, the first 13yrs in England, working in various settings in a Psychiatric Facility. Immigrated to Winnipeg in 1994, began working at the Psychealth Centre. Obtained B.Sc.M.H.N in 2003. From 2003 – 2010 was the Program Manager at a vocational rehab agency, assisting adults diagnosed with a mental illness work towards their recovery goals. Was also President of PSR (Psychosocial Rehabilitation) of Manitoba for 7yrs.


Shelley Tallin RN MEd

Phone: 204-632-2502


Kate Tate

Kate Tate RN BSc

Nursing Instructor

Kate has been a Nursing Instructor since 2010 for first and second year Clinical and Assessment courses. She has a BSc in biology from the University of Illinois and RN diploma from the Health Sciences Centre School of Nursing. She obtained CNA Certification for Critical Care in 1995. She has over 30 years of experience in diverse areas including Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Rehabilitation and Respiratory, Surgical Intensive Care and Outpatient Viral Hepatitis, HIV and Internal Medicine Clinics. She was a Clinical Resource Nurse in the Intermediate Intensive Care Unit at HSC.. She is currently working towards a BSN at the University of Victoria.

Lois Tessier

Lois Tessier RN BN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2917



Michelle ThorsteinsonMichelle Thorsteinson RN

Nursing Instructor




Sarah Tohme

Sarah Tohme BSc MDc




Jennifer Unruh

Jennifer Unruh RN BScN

Nursing Instructor



Linda Vandenakker

Linda Vandenakker RN

Nursing Instructor



Diana Werner

Administrative Assistant to the Nursing Department
Phone: 204-632-2230


Judy Wiens RN BN MSc(A)

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2031




Tracey Wozney RN BN

Nursing Instructor
Phone: 204-632-2574

Tracey currently is a Clinical Nursing Instructor, Clinical Practice 1 and 2. In the past she has been involved with teaching Pharmacology and Diagnostics, Legal and Ethical Foundations in Nursing, Clinical Nursing Instruction in Health Maintenance and Promotion of the Older Adult, Nursing Skills Laboratory instructor, and as a Health Assessment laboratory 2 instructor. She chairs the RRC, faculty’s Public Relations committee, is a CRNM member, and CACCN member. Her RRC Certificate in Adult Education is in progress. Tracey is employed casually as a Registered Nurse, Medical Intensive Care Unit, Health Sciences Centre. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2002.

Janeth Zacharias

Janet Zacharias RN

Nursing Instructor

Janet Zacharias RN graduated from the RRC Diploma Nursing (Accelerated) Program in 2007 and started her career in Emergency Nursing. She has completed the WRHA Emergency Training Program in all areas of the ER and is a current member of the CRNM. She has worked briefly at St Boniface ER and over six years at Concordia ER. Since November 2013, she has been a Clinical Instructor in the RRC BN Program, while continuing to work in the ER on a casual basis. She is currently completing her Nursing Degree in the BPRN Program at the University of Manitoba.

Corrina Zachakiw BN RNCorrina Zacharkiw RN BN

Nursing Instructor