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Nursing Instructor Chinyere Asagwara Wins Nursing Excellence Award

May 27, 2021

The Nursing Department would like to congratulate clinical instructor Chinyere (Chichi) Asagwara on winning a Nursing Excellence Award! This award is provided by the Nursing Week Awards Committee at Health Sciences Centre.

Chinyere was nominated by her peers Krista Carlson, Kathy Collis and Karen Oke in Adult Emergency and endorsed by her manager Jacqueline Molina.

The Nursing Excellence Awards Committee writes:

You are deserving of this award because you have exhibited traits of a true leader, mentor, and strong patient advocate. You lift the morale and spirits of every staff member in the emergency department. You have contributed to quality improvement by participating in a LEAN project for the new Low Acuity Area and are a member of the Adult Emergency Nursing practice committee and previously the Code Blue committee. You are an instructor in the SIM lab working with residents and staff and use this opportunity to provide education to other staff within the department. You also participate with Canadian Military Search and Rescue teams in coaching and facilitating their learning opportunities at the bedside. In addition, you hold active membership with the National Emergency Nurse Association and were an integral team member in planning of the National conference in 2020.

Your peers’ state, “Through the ups and downs inherent in an emergency department, with staffing shortages, overcrowding, trauma and crisis, Chinyere has proven to be a rock-solid backbone of this department. She is unfaltering in her calm and determined approach during the chaos that can present from the triage desk to resus room.”

Due to COVID-19, Chinyere will be honored at the annual Nursing Excellence Awards Ceremony when it is able to safely resume.

Congratulations Chinyere!

Post written by Meagen Chorney – Nursing Instructor

Adapted and quoted from:
Lamonica, B., & Brennan, B. (2021). Recipient letter. Nursing Excellence Awards Committee.