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Good Luck in the International Nursing Skills Competition!

November 1, 2017

Please take the time to wish our team that are going to China for the Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences International Nursing Skills Competition good luck & safe travels! The team is leaving next Tuesday, November 7th.

The team representing our Nursing Department, and pictured here, are:

Myrna Davis – Lead Instructor
Rachel Rubin – RRC – Year Three Nursing Student
Elyse Griffith – RRC – Year Two Nursing Student

Additionally, we have two other special people to acknowledge who committed time and effort in getting the team prepared:

Sandy Alguire – Instructor
Chris Hofer – Year Two Nursing Student

All members of the team have committed many extra hours in preparation, and we are proud of them.

Watch the blog for upcoming stories and pictures!

Written by Alison Fyfe-Carlson – Nursing Instructor