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Health Sciences

St Boniface’s Transformation Core Team speaks to RRC Nursing students

May 28, 2015


Members of St Boniface’s Transformation Core team came to a third year RRC Nursing Class to talk about process improvement and how this IMG_6386concept can improve patient care and potentially outcomes.

Transformation Core team members, Keith Allen, and Richard Manabat, along with Regional Director of Acute Medicine for the Interlake Eastern Health Region, Elmer Pangilinan, engaged students in an emergency room simulation activity where two teams would compete to simulate a client’s process and flow through the hospital system.

Two teams of Nursing students with roles such as triage nurse, registration clerk, bed manager, nurse, physician, lab technologist, and transport team tried to navigate sample patients through the system, without optimal planning. Their progress was timed and analyzed.

After this exercise, the students were able to look at the process overall, and work together to make improvements on process. The second time resulted in more efficiency through the system, with better patient outcomes.
This was a great learning opportunity for RRC Nursing students to see how the interdisciplinary team works together within the health care system, and how role clarification results in improved management of care.

Thank you to the St. Boniface Transformation
IMG_6383Core Team for sharing your leadership experience with RRC Nursing Students.