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Anti-Racism Resources

May 28, 2024

At RRC Polytech we recognize that diversity within our communities is one of our greatest strengths. We are committed to fostering working and learning environments that recognize and celebrate the diversity of our students and our staff. Together, we are working toward a place where we understand, embrace and uplift each other’s culture, and where all are welcomed for who they are, and for what we can build together.

RRC Polytech’s Anti-Racism Action Committee is a working group of motivated staff dedicated to addressing anti-racism through awareness, learning, events and initiatives that spark action and meaningful, positive change. The Committee has put together this resource list to help the College community in our journey towards anti-racism, by raising awareness and taking action.

As you read these resources, it would be helpful to refer to the Canadian Centre for Diversity & Inclusion’s (CCDI) Glossary of Terms, a reference tool for inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility terminology. They define race as a social construct and anti-racism as an active effort to eliminate all forms of racism. Here are the definitions of some key terms referred to in these resources: 

  • Anti-racism is a conscious choice – it’s not the absence of racism, but rather the decision to actively condemn racism and recognize the impact it has on the people around us. There is no room for racism in any of our spaces and everyone is held with the same expectation to respect all people.  
  • Institutional racism is racism that is woven into policies and functions at the organizational and governmental levels – which affects people and opportunities broadly and to varying degrees. 
  • Intersectionality is recognizing how the identities of an individual can affect their experiences in different ways, particularly in matters that are impacted by discrimination. 

Training & Resources

  • Four Seasons of Reconciliation (For Employees): Four Seasons of Reconciliation is a training program offered to all staff and faculty as part of the College’s commitment to embed Truth and Reconciliation education. This multi-media PD initiative has been developed for post-secondary workplaces through collaboration and co-creation with the First Nations University of Canada, its Indigenous Advisory Circle, and Indigenous contributors. The training program creates an understanding on the history of colonization in Canada and how it impacts current issues and Indigenous Peoples today through engaging slideshows, short videos, documentary films, and mini quizzes. Four Seasons provides the knowledge required for informed, respectful and effective engagement in the classroom and workplace. This knowledge helps combat personal biases and preconceptions about Indigenous people. Only through education can we build a stronger future for all Canadians. Employees can access the course through HR Unlimited/My Portal/My Learning. 
  • Anti-Racism: A Journey to Allyship (For Employees): This course tackles urgently needed and under-acknowledged issues of racism in Canada with a particular – but not exclusive – focus on anti-black racism. Opening with a stunning short documentary from Canadian journalist Desmond Cole, this course cracks open concepts of privilege, unconscious bias and decision-making, the difference between anti-racism and systemic racism, why microaggressions are called “death by a thousand cuts” and why silence makes things worse. You will leave with concrete actions you can take towards racial equity and tackling discrimination that make a difference. You can access the course through HR Unlimited/My Portal/My Learning.
  • Anti-Racism Learning Toolkit: RRC Polytech’s Library and Academic Services has developed an Anti-Racism Learning Toolkit that provides information on historical racism and aims to acknowledge how racism has shaped our thinking and actions so that we can enhance our knowledge and speak out against continuing racism and systemic barriers.
  • Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI): RRC Polytech is an employer partner of CCDI and all employees can access the CCDI Knowledge repository and attend their monthly webinars for free. You can read instructions to access CCDI resources on Staff Forum.
  • Government of Canada’s Anti-racism strategy resource materials: The Government of Canada developed the Building a Foundation for Change Anti-Racism Strategy to address racism and discrimination in communities across Canada. The resource materials were listed were provided to support this strategy.
  • Winnipeg Public Library Anti-Racism Resources: The Winnipeg Library has curated books, videos and websites to help people learn about the forms of racism, about racial privilege, and what it means to be anti-racist.

RRC Polytech Social Justice Bingo 

Presented by: Anti-Racism Action Committee – Social Justice Engagement Club 

This summer, build your awareness with Social Justice Bingo! 

Engage in the activities on this card to learn more about anti-racist and social-justice related topics and places in our province. This is an opportunity to reflect on power, privilege, bias, and how they influence your own experiences and perceptions, and how they affect individuals and groups in our communities.  

As you engage with these activities, reflect on your experiences, take pictures, and share with the RRC community.

Once you have completed the card, complete this form to be included in a book prize draw. 

B I N G O 
Visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Watch a video that explains systemic racism Read an Anti-racism-themed book (see resource list for suggestions) Find an article about a current issue and share with friends or colleagues Talk with friends and family to build awareness of systemic racism 
Attend a Social Justice Engagement committee event Visit one of the Manidoo Miiniigooizowin exhibit at the Manitoba Museum Attend Folklorama Attend a PowWow Visit Qaumajuq at the Winnipeg Art Gallery 
Attend an event on Indigenous People’s Day on June 21 Take a picture with the mural at RRC Polytech Portage Campus Free
Make a button at the anti-racism booth at Red Forum 
Visit the Petroforms in the Whiteshell Take a picture with as many Rainbow flags as you can during Pride Month 
Visit a restaurant or store that is different from your ethnicity or culture Take the Indigenous Canada course (Indigenous Canada|University of Alberta) Volunteer your time or donate to Harvest Manitoba Take a LinkedIn Learning course about bias awareness   Take a walk at The Forks and visit Oodena Celebration Circle or the Peace Meeting Site 
Review and find where you see yourself on the Wheel of Privilege and Power Attend a Pride Parade Watch a movie that is not in your primary language Attend a CCDI Webinar (RRC Polytech Staff have free access) Add alternative text for the RRC Polytech logo graphic in your email signature 
Summer 2024 Social Justice Bingo

RRC Polytech’s Anti-Racism Action Committee:

If you’d like to get involved in future efforts focused on advancing our shared commitments to Truth and Reconciliation; and, diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility within the College consider joining RRC Polytech’s Anti-Racism Action Committee. Staff and students can participate in events hosted by this working group. If you would like to make a commitment to anti-racism and participate in activities hosted by the Anti-Racism Action Committee, please fill out this anti-racism commitment form.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact diversity@rrc.ca.

RRC Polytech campuses are located on the lands of Anishinaabe, Ininiwak, Anishininew, Dakota, and Dené, and the National Homeland of the Red River Métis.

We recognize and honour Treaty 3 Territory Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, the source of Winnipeg’s clean drinking water. In addition, we acknowledge Treaty Territories which provide us with access to electricity we use in both our personal and professional lives.

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