Confidentiality Agreement

Student Counselling Services at Red River College Polytechnic provide confidential and voluntary service to current and prospective students.

A student’s discussions with a person in these units are confidential. Information will not be shared with instructors or any person outside of Red River College Polytechnic without the student’s prior knowledge and written consent. However, there are limited circumstances where the law requires disclosure. These instances include child abuse, medical emergencies, and danger to public safety, or threats of violence or harm to oneself or others. It is also possible for records to be subpoenaed by the court.

For the purpose of providing students with the best possible help and support, referrals may be made to other support resources within Student Support Services. In entering a relationship with Student Counselling Services, relevant information may be passed along to other units within Student Support Services as is necessary for referral purposes only.

If your counsellor is away and you require service, your file may be transferred to another counsellor who can meet with you. Consultations may also occur with supervisors for the express purpose of assisting the student better.

Referrals may also be made to external resources if long term therapy or additional supports may benefit the student. These referrals would be discussed with the student and made only with signed consent by the student.