On-Campus Resources

Once you have completed the Career Workshop, you can engage with a variety of different resources both at RRC depending on the questions you have.

Academic Advising

Meet with an advisor if you have identified a program or programs at RRC that interest you. Academic Advisors can answer questions about program selection, admission requirements and let you know what you can expect at RRC. For more information on academic advising and to make an in person appointment, please see Academic and Program Advising.

Recruitment Officer

If you are wondering what RRC campuses are like, what your program classrooms and workspaces look like, or what types of services are available for students, you can book a campus tour. For more information, please see Student Recruitment.

Indigenous Liaison/Advisor

Meet with an Indigenous Liaison/Advisor (Weeshengaawin) who can provide information about programs, the application process, admission requirements and funding. They also offer campus tours and can arrange a sample session of the program you are considering. To set up an appointment, see our Indigenous Liaisons/Advisors (Weeshengaawin).


With a counsellor you can review the information in your completed workbook. Make sure to bring your completed workbook with you. The counsellor can make recommendations for your next steps. To make an appointment to meet with a counsellor, complete our online registration form.