Career Exploration

Choosing the right career that fits you best can feel like an overwhelming experience. For many of us, it can feel very confusing and provoke anxiety. This makes perfect sense when you think about it. To pick the best career you need to answer many questions.

Much time and energy needs to go into considering your interests, skills, finances, education options, what you want your future to look like, what type of work will be satisfying to you – just to name a few! It takes time to gather this information and to get answers to all the questions that pop up along the way. To make the best decision regarding your future career, it is best to take this time and do the necessary work.

Red River College Polytechnic provides assistance in this process by giving you the tools you need. We can help you engage in the process of self-awareness and career exploration. Whether you are just starting to plan for your future, want to change jobs, looking to advance your career, or need information about programs offered at RRC Polytech, we would like to provide you with information and assistance so that you can make the best decisions.

Our goal is to help you break down your career exploration into manageable steps.

  • The most important first step in the career exploration process is gaining or enhancing your self-awareness. The better you know yourself, the more likely you will be able to make good decisions and feel confident about the direction you’re moving toward. Emphasis needs to be placed on determining your interests, understanding your values, and giving thought to your skills/abilities. RRC Polytech has developed and compiled exercises in a Career Exploration Workbook that can assist you in gaining this all important self-awareness.

Upon completion of this workbook you will have a better idea about some careers that may be a good fit for you. At this point, you can engage with a variety of different resources both at RRC Polytech and within the community depending on the questions you have.

  • If you have identified a career or program(s) that interests you at Red River College Polytechnic, you can meet with an Academic Advisor to formulate an academic plan. Academic Advisors can answer questions about program selection, admission requirements and also let you know what you can expect at RRC Polytech.
  • If you would like to speak with an Indigenous Liaison/Advisor (Weeshengaawin) once you have a better idea of a career or program that best suits you, please contact us for an appointment to meet. We can provide information on programs, the application process, entrance requirements and funding. We also offer tours of our campuses and can arrange a sample session of the program you choose. To set up an appointment visit the Indigenous Liaison/Advisor (Weeshengaawin) page.
  • If you are wondering what RRC Polytech campuses are like, what your program classrooms and workspaces look like, or what types of services are available for students, you can book a campus tour.
  • If you continue to be unsure about the direction you wish to move towards after you complete the Career Exploration Workbook, you can make a one-time appointment with a counsellor at RRC Polytech. Together with a counsellor you can review the information you gathered through the workbook. Make sure to bring your completed workbook with you. The counsellor can make recommendations for your next steps. To make an appointment to meet with a counsellor, please call 204-632-3966 or fill out the Student Counselling Services registration form.
  • If you are an individual with a disability which may have an impact on your career or program selection, you may have questions about program learning outcomes and the potential accommodations that may be available to you. To explore these types of questions, you can make an appointment to meet with an accessibility specialist by calling 204-632-3966 or by filling out the Student Accessibility Services registration form.
  • If you wish to pursue additional information or community resources to continue your career exploration process, please see the list at the end of the Career Exploration Workbook.

Career Exploration Decision-making Tree

Career Exploration FAQ