Return to Campus

IMPORTANT: We are currently in Phase 3 of our campus re-entry, with increasing on-campus activity and online or blended delivery for most programs. Find out which services and supports are on campus during each phase.

Campus Access Checklist

All students, employees and visitors must follow these steps before arriving at, and upon entering, any Red River College campus:

  1. Every time you come to campus, but before you arrive on campus, you must complete the self-screening tool through Shared Health.
    • If the screening tool does not direct you to be tested for COVID-19, you can come to campus.
    • If the screening tool does direct you to be tested for COVID-19, do not come to campus. Please notify your instructor or supervisor, and contact the RRC Health Centre at 204-632-2238. A nurse from the Health Centre will advise you on when you can return to campus.
  2. Enter campus through a designated entrance.
  3. Upon entering campus, wash your hands in the nearest washroom using soap and water, or at a hand sanitizing station.
  4. Wear a face mask at all times in all indoor spaces and facilities.
  5. Adhere to physical distancing guidelines at all times.
    • Navigate your way around campus by following directional signage, floor markers, and more.
    • Staff will be on site to help students and employees where needed.
  6. If you are a student, you must wash your hands and leave campus immediately through a designated exit once your on-site training is complete.
NOTE: If you start to feel unwell while on campus, please contact Health Services (204-632-2238) and/or your supervisor to let them know you are ill and need to leave campus immediately. Health Services will let you know if you need to contact Health Links-Info Santé or seek medical treatment.

Wearing a Mask is Required

Red River College students, employees and visitors, including vendors and contractors, are required to wear non-medical face masks at all times while on any RRC campus beginning Aug. 31, 2020.

The protocol, part of RRC’s COVID-19 Policy, requires that masks be worn in all indoor spaces and facilities, including classrooms, labs, workrooms, areas where staff work within 2 metres of each other, washrooms, hallways, elevators, and public spaces. Masks can be removed while eating, but individuals should take measures to ensure physical distancing during meal and snack breaks.

Students and employees can wear a personal cloth mask that covers the nose, mouth and chin. However, RRC will provide one disposable mask each day to any student or employee who needs one.

Over the summer, the College went to great lengths to secure enough personal protective equipment (PPE) – including masks – to protect all returning students and employees, as well as hand sanitizer for hygiene stations located throughout its campuses. The requirement to wear a mask, even if you have no symptoms of COVID-19, adds an additional layer of precaution and helps protect those around you from the spread of infection.

Additional information regarding mask usage on campus can be found in our online FAQ.

Physical Distancing Measures

Physical distancing is required at all times on campus. Safety and Health Services has completed physical distancing assessments of all offices, classrooms and common spaces throughout campus. The following describes how we plan to maintain proper physical distancing.

Desks/Working Stations

  • Only one employee will be permitted to use an office that previously seated two people.
  • Supervisors will contact Safety and Health Services to determine a solution where six feet (two metres) of distance cannot be maintained.


  • Virtual meetings will be encouraged even when employees are on site.
  • Virtual meetings will be encouraged when conducting business with external parties.
  • Where six feet (two metres) between desks/working stations is not possible, meeting rooms may be re-purposed for physical distanced seating.

Common Areas

As you walk throughout campus, you will notice the following physical distancing measures in place to keep you safe:


Posters with messaging such as “Please wait here” will be posted around campus near washrooms, elevators, microwaves, etc.

Floor Markers

Floor markers are placed six feet apart to comply with public health requirements. Please watch for these markers as you approach service desks, bathrooms, elevators, classrooms, etc.

Physical Barriers

In some spaces, you will encounter barriers similar to those you may have seen in grocery stores or banks. Please follow any directions provided by staff when you approach a service window.

Caution Tape

Caution tape has been used to mark off common areas and classrooms with restricted access or seating throughout the College. These areas have been deep cleaned and cannot be used at this time.