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Coronavirus Information

Operational Response Levels

Response Level: Limited Risk

Spread of COVID-19 is mostly contained and/or vaccine/effective treatment is widely available.


Red River College Polytechnic follows a colour-coded Operational Response Level approach to COVID-19 planning that aligns with the Province of Manitoba’s Pandemic Response System.

The province’s plan provides a clear and responsive overview of local and regional risk levels, and public health measures that must be followed for each – including specific measures and directives that post-secondary institutions such as Red River College Polytechnic must adhere to.

A rising risk level will lead to stronger responses and restrictions. At the same time, responses for each risk level will be flexible and proportionate to the risks involved, and may apply to entire campuses, or to specific facilities or buildings in the event of a localized cluster or outbreak. Each risk level and response will continue to be guided by public health advice.

Operational Response Levels

Green: Limited Risk

Spread of COVID-19 is mostly contained and/or vaccine/effective treatment is widely available.

  • Programs delivered in class, via blended learning, and/or online.
  • College employees who are working from home will return to campus on a department-by-department basis, while continuing to comply with public health directives and physical distancing guidelines.
  • As operations evolve, some remote work and virtual learning may continue.

Yellow: Caution

College community transmission is at low levels.

  • Most programs offered via blended delivery, with more on-campus activities available for students in targeted programs and industry training.
  • Some employees will return to campus as public health guidelines allow to support an increase in academic activity taking place on campus. Managers will work on plans for their area and in consultation with Safety and Health Services.

Orange: Restricted

Community transmission is occurring, but continues to remain low at Red River College Polytechnic.

  • Online delivery of programs continues. On-campus activity is restricted to the delivery of programs, industry training activities, and catch-up training that require necessary and essential hands-on learning, in accordance with the current approved public health guidelines for Red River College Polytechnic.
  • Staff and faculty essential to the maintenance of College operations, and to support the delivery of essential hands-on training, will be allowed on campus in a limited capacity.
  • While the majority of College employees will continue to work from home, College employees who previously resumed limited activity on campus will reduce their on-campus presence, return to working virtually, and only attend campus on an as-needed basis.
  • Any services currently operating on campus will be reduced where appropriate. Wherever possible, services should continue to be provided virtually.
  • All decisions about on-campus staffing needs will be made in consultation with leaders in those areas.

Red: Critical

Community transmission is occurring on and off campus, and cannot be contained, or public health directs us to assume a Red status.

  • All programs delivered entirely online, with the exception of limited, essential hands-on training (if public health directives permit) for students who need it to graduate or qualify for industry training.
  • The majority of College employees will work from home.
  • Only essential services will work from campus. Any services returning to campus will return at a limited capacity, and in consultation with leaders in those areas.