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Coronavirus Information

Fall 2020

Top five things you need to know about campus life

January 18, 2021

Our Winter Term is off the ground and employees and students are back to business, whether virtually or on campus.

While we continue to operate and deliver education during the pandemic, we wanted to recap where things stand on and off campus. Here are five things you need to know:

  1. Campus access: All employees, students, and visitors must follow certain steps before arriving at, and upon entering, any RRC campus. This includes, but is not limited to, completing the self-screening tool through Shared Health, entering campus through a designated entrance, and more. Review the steps/campus access checklist so you’re prepared.
  2. Health and safety measures: Everyone on campus must wear a medical grade face mask and follow physical distancing protocols while on campus. To enhance safety on campus, we recently purchased Clorox 360 Electrostatic Sprayer Systems that release a mist to disinfect spaces like labs, classrooms, washrooms, and other areas. Watch this video to see how our sprayers work.
  3. Current operational status: RRC uses a colour-coded approach to share our current operational status. Our response levels range from green (limited risk) to yellow (caution) to orange (restricted) to red (critical). Right now our level is orange, which indicates community transmission of COVID-19 is occurring but there is low risk at RRC campuses. Learn what each level means.
  4. Help is available on and off campus: See our full listing of student supports. We also have supports for working on campus and working from home.
  5. Where to find information: Visit the coronavirus section of our website, Staff Forum (employees only), and watch your College email to stay informed on the latest news.

Here’s to another successful term. We wish everyone the best in your work and studies at Red River College.

How we keep campuses clean and disinfected

November 24, 2020

As people continue to learn, teach, and work on campus, we’re proud of our ongoing efforts to keep our spaces as clean and safe as possible.

To enhance safety on campus, the College recently purchased new Clorox 360 Electrostatic Sprayer Systems to disinfect spaces like labs, classrooms, washrooms, and other areas. These sprayers release a mist to disinfect spaces and are proven by Health Canada to be effective against viruses like COVID-19.

We use the sprayers to disinfect campus spaces on a regular basis. As well, if any space at the College were to be exposed to COVID-19, we’d be able to shut down and disinfect the impacted area quickly and safely using one of the sprayers.

Watch the video below to see how the sprayers work.

Want to learn more about our cleaning protocols on campus? Review our FAQs.

Operational Response Levels

November 19, 2020

The following message was sent to all Red River College students, faculty, and staff on Nov. 18:

To all Red River College staff and students,

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter course in sometimes hard-to-predict ways, we’ve come to recognize the need to change how we plan and communicate the status of Red River College’s program delivery and operations.

Beginning today, Red River College will define its level of operations using a scalable colour-coded approach based on the Province of Manitoba’s Pandemic Response System. This will replace our Phased Re-Entry approach.

This new approach allows us to plan for, and respond to, multiple scenarios that could impact on-campus activity. It reinforces our efforts to keep our College community safe, and provides the flexibility needed to support online and blended delivery of our programs.

The new approach will replace our Re-Entry Phases with Operational Response Levels:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

The College’s current operational status will appear in a colour-coded banner at the top of our COVID-19 information page.

Changes to our risk level and our response will be guided by direction from Public Health. A response level may apply to entire campuses, or only to specific facilities or buildings (i.e. in the event of a localized cluster or outbreak). RRC response levels may also differ from those currently applied to the Winnipeg Metro Region or other parts of Manitoba.

A rising risk level will lead to stronger responses and restrictions. At the same time, responses for each risk level will be flexible and proportionate to the risks involved.

This new approach does not change our current operations and delivery of programs or services at the College.

Public Health has advised that Red River College is currently at Orange (Restricted) level due to our stringent health and safety measures, which meet or exceed current directives. This level allows for limited on-campus activities for students who require hands-on training.

General information about the directives and guidelines associated with each Operational Response Level are available at

We will provide updates about any changes to our operational status, and what those changes mean, on the COVID-19 news blog, Staff and Student News, on-campus digital signage, RRC social media, and via email where appropriate.

The safety and health protocols in place at Red River College have helped us keep our numbers down and ensured there’s a very low risk of transmission on our campuses which has enabled us to maintain our current operations while keeping each other safe. Thank you for working together to help us limit the spread of COVID-19.

If you have any questions, please email

Melanie Gudmundson,
Chief Human Resource Officer

Confirmed case of COVID-19 at Notre Dame Campus

November 6, 2020

This morning, Red River College was advised by Public Health that a member of our community tested positive for COVID-19. The last time this individual was on campus was Wednesday, October 28. They were asymptomatic at that time. Everyone at the College wishes them a quick recovery.

This individual’s on-campus activity was limited to one building and they were following the appropriate safety protocols we have in place including: wearing a mask, abiding by physical distancing measures, and leaving as soon as their on-campus tasks were complete. All individuals who were in that space have been contacted, are now self-monitoring, and have been advised to contact the Health Centre should their condition change.

As part of our cleaning and disinfection protocols, deep cleaning has already occurred in the affected spaces and the entire building is undergoing additional cleaning as a precautionary measure.

Due to the stringent safety measures and protocols that we have in place, Public Health considers this case low risk and there continue to be no cases as a result of community transmission at the College.

If you have not heard from the College, you are not connected to this case. The Notre Dame Campus remains open and no other programs or services are impacted. We will continue to work with Public Health in support of their investigations whenever there is a positive case connected to the College, and support those affected.

We remain committed to communicating these updates to you and sharing information as soon as it becomes available to us. This is not meant to alarm anyone, but it’s an important reminder that community-based transmission is a reality in our province right now. Our COVID-19 protocols continue to allow us to respond quickly to each case, to ensure our facilities are safe for faculty, staff and students, and support those who have been impacted. It’s imperative that we continue to work together to prevent transmission on campus and keep one another safe.

We want to remind everyone at the College to continue to follow public health advice, including the fundamentals: stay home if you’re sick, self-isolate if you or any of your family are symptomatic and waiting for test results, wear a mask in public places (and on all RRC campuses), practice good hand hygiene, cough etiquette, physical distancing, and reduce your contact with those outside of your immediate household.

As part of our protocol if you or someone in your household is experiencing cold or flu like symptoms you must go home immediately, or remain at home, and contact the RRC Health Centre at 204-632-2238. A nurse from the Health Centre will assess your situation and determine the steps you need to take next, provide follow up support as needed, and advise you on when you can return to campus.

As a College community, we have done a great job following the advice and best practices of public health in order to prevent the spread of the virus on campus. I want to commend the College community for continuing to follow the health and safety measures we have in place and stress the importance of remaining committed to these important fundamentals. We cannot become complacent when it comes to safety, and we must continue to hold each other accountable in order to protect one another.

Updates, if required, will be provided via email and will be shared online at

RRC COVID-19 Testing Micro-Credential Course

October 9, 2020

Red River College is dedicating its expertise and resources to help increase the COVID-19 testing capacity for Manitoba Public Health.

RRC will open registration early next week for a new micro-credential course designed to train a number of health-care professionals and health-care students to safely administer a nasal swab to test for the virus.

Micro-credential courses allow students to gain practical skills in a short period of time. The COVID-19 testing course will be offered tuition-free through blended online and hands-on delivery, and includes an essential online theory module and hands-on clinical training.

More information, including eligible professions, course dates, and how to register will be made available early next week. Once more information is available we will update our website.

UPDATED: Confirmed COVID-19 at Red River College’s Notre Dame Campus

September 23, 2020

Emailed, September 23 – 5:07PM

Earlier today we were notified of a positive COVID-19 test connected to a member of our College community. We can now confirm that the last time this individual was on-campus was during the afternoon of September 16th. They were asymptomatic during that time and their access was limited to one building on-campus. The classroom they accessed on campus has been closed and is being cleaned.

All contact tracing related to the RRC community has been completed by Public Health. All individuals connected to this case have now been contacted. Public Health considers the risk of transmission low.

We’re continuing to support everyone involved and we want to thank everyone for their quick actions to keep our College community safe.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Safety Health Services at If further updates are required they will be shared with the College community and posted to 

Thank you,

Melanie Gudmundson

Chief Human Resource Officer

COVID-19 positive test at Notre Dame Campus

September 23, 2020

Today, Red River College received notification from Manitoba Public Health that a member of our community at Notre Dame Campus tested positive for COVID-19. The individual was asymptomatic while on campus.

Due to the safety measures and protocols in place at the College, Public Health advises the situation is considered low risk. Notre Dame Campus remains open and no other programs or services are impacted.

One classroom on campus has been closed for deep cleaning and disinfection. The individuals who were in the space at that time have been sent home out of an abundance of caution. Their situation is being assessed by Public Health, and we will follow their guidance for the return to campus.

We are working to support those affected. Members of our College community who have further questions, or who may have been contacted by Public Health as a result of their investigation, are asked to contact the Health Centre at 204-632-2238, and we will continue to support you.

I appreciate how concerning this is for everyone at the College. The safety and health of our College community is our first priority, which is why it is our protocol to keep you updated as we receive information from Public Health.

Updates, if required, will be provided via email and will be shared online at

Melanie Gudmundson,
Chief Human Resource Officer

Confirmed COVID-19 case connected to Red River College

September 9, 2020

Emailed September 9, 2020

Today, Red River College received notification of a positive COVID-19 case involving a worker with one of the sub-contractors at the Innovation Centre construction site. 

The College immediately informed RRC employees who regularly work at the construction site, and sent them home to self-isolate and contact officials at Health Links. The construction site was immediately closed for deep cleaning and all workers on site were sent home.

Public Health advised our primary contractor that the risk of exposure to our employees – or any of the workers on site at the Innovation Centre – was extremely low in this instance. However, out of an abundance of caution we activated our response plan to ensure for the ongoing health and safety of our College community.

We continue to work closely with the construction companies to ensure the site is disinfected before work resumes. Because the situation is limited to the construction site, and no other College facilities, it will not affect the delivery of our programs and services at any of our campuses.

I know how distressing and concerning any news related to COVID-19 can be, however, it’s important that we keep our community informed about any cases that are connected to the College as the safety and health of our College community is our first priority. We are maintaining close contact with our employees at the Innovation Centre construction site and are supporting them every step of the way.

Red River College continues to work closely with Manitoba Public Health to ensure that we have the necessary health and safety measures in-place to keep you safe while on-campus. This notification is part of those processes to keep you informed. If updates are necessary, they will be provided as they are available and will be sent through email, and will be shared online at

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to keep our College community safe. As we continue to live with COVID-19 please remember to stay home if sick, wash or sanitize your hands frequently and if you’re coming to campus, remember to wear a mask.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Safety and Health Services at

Melanie Gudmundson

Chief Human Resource Officer

Our COVID-19 Response Plan

September 9, 2020

To all Red River College staff and students,

As we welcome back more students and staff, I want share with the College community what you can expect in the event we are notified by Public Health that a student, employee or visitor to one of our campuses has a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.

  1. As soon as we are notified, the College will contact anyone who shared a space with the person who received the COVID diagnosis to advise them on steps they need to take, which may include using the self-screening tool, testing, and/or self-isolating. These steps will be guided by Public Health. Confidentiality will be maintained in accordance with the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA).
  2. The College community will be notified immediately about the exposure along with any impacts to the delivery of programs and services. This information will include the specific campus and building if applicable. The College will provide regular updates via email and through our website regarding our response.
  3. A cleaning crew will immediately close and disinfect any impacted spaces. Those spaces will remain closed for 24 to 48 hours, based on guidance from Public Health. If the situation permits, we will provide an alternate learning or working space until the regular space is ready to be occupied again.
  4. The College will provide Manitoba Public Health with as much information as we can to help with their investigation – for example, class contact lists, sign-in sheets and schedules. The appropriate workplace safety and health committees will also be advised.
  5. A representative from Manitoba Public Health will contact anyone they identify as a close contact to this case to request more information, or provide additional recommendations for your safety.
  6. If necessary, and following the advice or directives of public health authorities, we will close additional areas, buildings or campuses.

RRC Safety and Health Services has worked closely with Manitoba Public Health to develop our response plans. As the situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we will communicate any information vital to the health and safety of all members of our College community via RRC email, emergency notification, our website, and our social media channels.

Our campuses do have stringent measures in place to ensure physical distancing and proper hand hygiene for everyone onsite. Please remember to follow campus access guidelines and wear a mask if you’re on campus. Stay (or go) home if you feel ill. Call our Health Centre at 204-632-2238 if you’re concerned about symptoms or have even the slightest question about whether you should be on campus.

Additional information can be found at If you have any questions, please contact

Melanie Gudmundson
Chief Human Resource Officer

RRC campus re-entry begins Phase 3

September 2, 2020

Red River College began Phase 3 of its campus re-entry on Monday, August 31, the start of the Fall 2020 academic term.

Phase 3 means another step up in the amount of activity taking place on campus:

  • Most RRC courses will continue to be delivered online throughout the fall
  • More students and instructors will return to campus for applied, hands-on components of courses and industry training that can only be completed on site
  • An increasing number of staff will return to support on-campus activity

Find out which services and supports are on campus during Phase 3.

If you are returning to campus this fall:

If you are studying or working from home this fall:

Watch for important updates on our website, Staff Forum, Staff and Student News, social media, and in your RRC email.

Questions? Contact us!