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Daily Roundup

April 29, 2020

Planning for Fall 2020

Dr. Christine Watson, Interim President & CEO, shared a message with employees today about the Province of Manitoba’s plans to reopen some businesses and services in phases, and what this means for Red River College.

Our fall term will be largely directed by public health protocols and their impact on campus operations and the mobility of our faculty, staff and students [says Dr. Watson]. Continued efforts to “flatten the curve” will eventually help us return to campus, but we don’t know when and what restrictions will be required in order to safely reconvene. As a result, there are many potential return-to-campus scenarios that will be guided by public health directives.

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Province announces Student Aid Provisions Order

The Province of Manitoba has announced a new temporary order under the Emergency Measures Act that allows post-secondary students to remain eligible for aid, even if they temporarily stop qualifying during the state of emergency period.

The Student Aid Provisions Order:

  • lowers the minimum monthly repayment to $0 from $25
  • suspends the obligation for a student to start paying back their loan eight months after they end their studies
  • prevents borrowers from going into default during the state of emergency period
  • extends the maximum term for repayment

Those with existing loans are not obligated to pay back their loan for six months beginning March 30.

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Where’s Watson?

Dr. Christine Watson, our interim President and CEO, hosts a regular video series where she shares a behind-the-scenes look at what she’s up to on and off campus.

Early Child Development Resource

Happy Early Childhood Educator Week! The College has created a resource for early child development, and Christine learns more about it by speaking with a researcher from our School of Health Sciences and Community Services.

Breakfast made better

Give your breakfast a makeover with this #RRChomechef recipe. Try out RRC Instructor Chef Gordon Bailey’s carrot cake oats to take the best meal of the day to a whole new level.