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Coronavirus Information

Daily Roundup

April 2, 2020

Welcome to our Daily Roundup, where we highlight today’s breaking news and share stories of Red River College students, instructors and staff rising to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

RRC restricts campus access to essential services

Red River College announced yesterday that its campuses remain closed to classes, public events and all functions that are not deemed essential services — ie. critical functions that will require some or occasional staff to be on campus during the limited access period.

File photo from RRC’s Nursing Program

TACAM lends assets and expertise to fight against COVID-19

A typical day for RRC’s Technology Access Centre for Aerospace & Manufacturing (TACAM) includes working alongside aerospace and manufacturing industry partners to address local innovation needs.

But these are not typical days. In response to the global fight against COVID-19, TACAM is using their assets and expertise to support an important partner, CancerCare Manitoba, in the production of much-needed medical equipment.


Join the #COVIDkindness Movement

A fantastic way to minimize the impact COVID-19 has on our community is to be kind to one another. That’s why we’re launching the #COVIDkindness campaign at RRC.

Here’s how it works. Over the next few weeks:

  • Pay attention to acts of kindness you witness (or perform yourself).
  • Send a description and photo (where possible) to
  • Post on your social media channels, using the hashtag #COVIDkindness and tag in RRC.

Each week, our Mental Health Coordinator, Breanna Sawatzky, will share your acts of kindness in a Wellness Blog post. All students and staff are invited to participate.

This movement is meant to foster a supportive community environment along with gratitude, both of which promote good mental health. For more information, including examples of #COVIDkindness and some talk of prizes, visit our Wellness blog.

The importance of maintaining a routine

Maintaining a routine is a key component of your personal wellbeing. This video speaks to the importance of routine and gives some great tips on maintaining your routine.

This is just one of the many great resources Recreation Services have identified to help our students and staff look after your personal well being.

We also encourage you to try this daily workout video’s from Orangetheory.

Struggling with stress and mental health? Try these live meditation sessions every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 2pm CST.

Confused by all of the fitness classes and fitness terms you’re finding online? Not sure which is the correct info? Looking for some guidance? Email Recreation Services at We can help find the right fit for you.