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Coronavirus Information

Updated campus access information

March 26, 2020

Although less staff are working on RRC campuses, we understand that some staff may need to gain access to their campus. For safety and security reasons, it is important that we know when there is one or more staff person, including small groups, working on campus.

In order to ensure that everyone is safe, we are requesting that if you or a group of staff are coming to campus to work, please email Security appropriate to your work location.

Campus Security Contact:

Note: If you have a group of staff working on a campus, then only one person from this group needs to report in on behalf of everyone.

Please note that access to RRC campuses is now limited to certain entrances. Should staff/faculty require access for work-related purposes, and should students need to briefly access their lockers, they must enter through the following areas:

Exchange District Campus

All EDC buildings are locked. Staff can access buildings by using their swipe cards at the following designated entrances:

  • Roblin Centre: North and South main atrium doors
  • Paterson GlobalFoods Institute: Main Street entrance only
  • Language Training Centre: no swipe card access – security officer posted at 3rd floor entrance
  • ACE Project Space: card swipe access on 5th floor (security officer posted at entrance)

Notre Dame Campus

Building C doors on both the East and West side will be open Monday-Friday from 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Staff and students will be able to enter through the follow card access exterior doors:

  • All Building T entrances
  • Building M: North West door and South West door
  • Building B: North East door
  • Only staff working in Building Z and CARSI will continue to enter those areas with their cards
  • After hours and weekends: Building C East side entrance