1997 Recipients

Ron Burnell, Computer Analyst/Programmer, 1978

Ron BurnellSince graduating from Red River College in 1976 from the Computer Analyst/Programmer diploma, Ron Burnell has worked exclusively in the computer industry for 25 years in various capacities from computer programmer to Vice-President, Research and Development. Currently, Ron is employed as a project manager by Investors Group, where he has been for the last 2 ½ years.

Prior to that, he worked with Infocorp Computer Solutions Ltd. which he co-founded in 1987. Infocorp is a software development company that develops specialty retail and government cash collection systems. The systems have always been and continue to be state-of-the-art and are used world-wide. While with Infocorp Ron Burnell had the pleasure of working in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and various U.S. and Canadian cities.

Prior to Infocorp he worked at various consulting companies in Winnipeg such as J.E. Peterson & Associates and Spectra Computer Services as well as worked on several self-employed projects.

Wayne Loeppky, Computer Analyst/Programmer, 1974

Wayne LoeppkyWayne Loeppky graduated from RRC in 1974. Following graduation he started his first position with the University of Winnipeg. At the University he helped design and implement one of the first online library circulation systems in North America. This library system was later sold across North America. Wayne took his first position as a computer consultant with J.E Peterson & Associates in 1978 where he worked on many business systems including property management. Later in 1982, he used this experience with property management to help design and implement property management software that went on to sell across Manitoba.

In 1983 Wayne became a consultant for Nygard International, where his first projects using personal computers produced software that assisted production scheduling. In 1987 Wayne became a founding partner of Infocorp Computer Solutions, a software development company specializing in retail management software. At Infocorp he designed and implemented a unique solution for retailers that used a four-dimensional grid that showed items, colours, sizes, and widths all in one view. This software was sold across North America, Europe, and Asia. Wayne then left Infocorp in 1998 to work as a consultant for Smart Retail Systems, a Florida based developer of software for retailers.

In the past five years Wayne Loeppky has been the chief architect of unique internet- based retail management software for small to medium retailers. This product has just gone to market in the last year and has been installed in various sites in the United States.

Kerri-Linde Johnson, Business Administration, 1988

Kerri JohnsonIn 1986 Kerri-Linde Johnson returned to post secondary education after being in the workforce and attended Red River College as a mature student and mother of two. She is a 1988 graduate from the Business Administration Diploma program. After graduation, Kerri-Linde had a brief tenure with insurance company, North American Life Assurance. In 1989, Kerri-Linde joined McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited where she worked as a Community Relations Representative for more than 12 years. During this time Kerri-Linde worked with and built relationships with many community organizations such as the Manitoba High school Athletics Association, Winnipeg Police Service, Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service, Special Olympics Manitoba, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Winnipeg Goldeyes, Manitoba Children’s Museum, St. Amant Centre, Children’s Hospital and the Manitoba Rehabilitation Centre for Children.

In July 2001, Kerri-Linde Johnson joined Winnipeg-based advertising agency, Taylor George Design Incorporated as a Senior Account Manager responsible for the account management of national client The Women’s Television Network. She was also responsible for other key clients such as the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Crocus Investment Fund and MTS Media. Her role at Taylor George Design has included areas in project management, strategic planning, client relations and client services.

Kerri-Linde has served on many community committees for events or groups such as the Winnipeg Wine Festival, Fort Garry School Division, Ronald McDonald House Rehabilitation Centre for Children, and has been a member of the Red River College Alumni Committee since 1998.