Alumni Engagement

Join RRC Polytech’s Animal Care Committee

November 9, 2022

Red River College Polytechnic’s Animal Care Committee (ACC) is seeking applications to fill the role of community representative – all interested RRC Polytech alumni members are encouraged to apply!

The ACC is dedicated to setting and maintaining high standards for animal use and care at RRC Polytech. The ACC community representative brings an outside perspective to the committee, providing insight, direction, and unbiased feedback.

Who should apply?

  • You’re an RRC Polytech alumni member who has a love for animals and care for their wellbeing.
  • You want to provide feedback and assist in the approval of Animal Use Protocols that we follow at the College.
  • You care about the Veterinary Technology program and want to make sure the program continues to receive accreditation by the Canadian Council on Animal Care.
  • You are passionate about volunteering for a good cause.

By joining the ACC as the community representative, you’ll gain valuable experience on a committee that is essential for the operations of our Veterinary Technology program. The community representative will sit as a volunteer on the committee and attend two to three meetings per year. Community representatives on the committee cannot be employees of RRC Polytech or employed in the Veterinary field.

The ACC seeks to fill this role before the next committee meeting, scheduled for early December. To apply, send a short biography and describe your interest in the role to Curtis Aab, Chair, RRC Polytech Life Sciences.

Deadline to apply is November 21, 2022. For more information, please contact Curtis Aab at

About the Animal Care Committee

RRC Polytech’s Animal Care Committee ensures the humane and exemplary treatment and care of animals in the advancement and transmission of knowledge. Red River College Polytechnic is committed to implementing and maintaining the highest accepted Canadian standards of animal care and use in animal-based teaching. All Red River College Polytechnic animal-based teaching activities, no matter where they will take place, are subject to review and approval by the Animal Care Committee.