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Range of programming preps Business Technology grad for role in project management

December 10, 2019

A graduate of Red River College’s Business Technology Management (BTM) program, Manchanda is currently working as a Technical Project Manager at Web Wizards Inc., a Winnipeg-based company that specializes in web design and development, with focuses on online marketing, search engine optimization and software development.

In his role, Manchanda is responsible for making sure that everyone is working within scope and following the framework of the team’s assignment. He’s also accountable for tracking the performance of projects and ensuring they come in on time and within budget, and that they ultimately satisfy his clients’ needs and expectations.

As an international student from New Delhi, India, Manchanda’s focus was on getting accepted to a college that had an excellent standing, and a strong success rate of graduates being able to find employment in their fields of study.

“I believe the BTM program is the best in the field, with a rounded curriculum that not only gave me the necessary project management skills but also familiarized me with business law, financial accounting and analysis and economics, along with a variety of other necessary skill sets that you require when operating an IT business,” says Manchanda, who graduated from the program in 2017.

BTM is a two-year diploma program offered at RRC’s Exchange District Campus. The program provides grads with the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze, design and manage projects and businesses related to the field of information technology.

Manchanda, who came to Canada in late 2015, adjusted to life in a new land quite quickly. He says RRC helped him to acclimate to a new country, a new city and a new culture. Within a short time of being here, he was also able to secure employment.

While at RRC, Manchanda participated in the College’s Intercultural Mentorship Program, where international students are paired with Canadian-raised peers for cultural exchanges, support and friendship. He says the experience helped him reduce the time it took to become adjusted to the cultural and educational systems within Canada.

“I believe moving to a new country can be tough for anyone,” he says. “But right away I met new people, I made new friends, and over time they became my family here and my immediate support system.”

Manchanda says he’s a naturally adventurous person. When his family told him how bitterly cold it is in Winnipeg, he says he shrugged it off and said “people live there.”

He’s also big on self-improvement. Currently, he’s learning to speak French at the Université de Saint-Boniface. And proving he’s not afraid of the cold, Manchanda recently signed up for skating classes at The Forks, where he’s been gradually getting accustomed to his new blades over the winter.

“I am very excited to be able to skate without falling over as much, finally. It’s a very exhilarating feeling and motivates me to learn further and practice more,” he says.

Profile by Jared Story (Creative Communications, 2005)