Intercultural Mentorship Program

About the Program

The Intercultural Mentorship Program cultivates cross-cultural learning by pairing local students or staff with international/immigrant students to explore intercultural connections, make new friends, and receive support as you navigate your social and academic transition to Red River College.

The Mentorship Program aims to:

  • Contribute to RRC’s strategic objectives to foster an integrated and globally mindful campus
  • Offer friendship, guidance, and support for students as they navigate their social and academic life at RRC
  • Invite students to participate in social, intercultural and academic engagements
  • Build connections between international and domestic students at RRC 

Program Benefits:

Intercultural communication is becoming increasingly important in today’s global environment where personal and professional success implies the ability to communicate across cultures and to draw from all perspectives, experiences and worldviews. In this program, you will have the opportunities to:

  • Develop mentorship, leadership and valuable intercultural communication skills employers want
  • Add to your social and professional network
  • Explore Winnipeg with new eyes and maybe get free tickets to events around town
  • Eligible for the Making a World of Different Award
  • Have fun

Timelines and requirements:

  • Program runs twice per year (Fall and Winter terms)
  • 10 hours of time over a term (more time is encouraged)
  • Stay connected with your partner over the term
  • Open to all students, staff and faculty
  • Open to all program areas
  • The program is a voluntary opportunity. However, some academic programs offer the program as a service-learning graded assignment option to students.

Apply Today

If you are willing to be a good mentor, wanting to develop your power skills, and are available for 10 during the course of the term, then this program is for you!

Intercultural Mentorship Program

Basic Information

(For example:
(10 Digits - For example: 204-487-7020)
(10 Digits - For example: 204-487-7020)
(For Example: 0205048)

Program Diversity

The following questions are optional but they will help us to make the best matches possible. Please note that the purpose of this program is friendship and support and we do not match for dating purposes.
You may be matched with someone who is very different than you – this is part of what makes the program so valuable, and it is how we learn about others! As a result, you may be matched with someone who is a different:

- Culture than you
- Religion than you
- Gender identity than you
- Age than you
- Marital status than you
- Sexual orientation than you
- Physical or mental ability than you

If you have concerns about being paired up with someone who is part of one of the groups listed above, please contact the Mentorship Program Coordinator at or 204-632-3847.

Matching and Support

Course Credit

The Intercultural Mentorship Program has partnered with various academic programs so that you can transfer your learning from the Intercultural Mentorship Experience towards course credit.



This final section requests your agreement and permission in 5 areas. Please read the following carefully! YOU MUST READ AND CLICK ALL 5 BOXES BELOW IF YOU AGREE.
I agree, that if there are any reasons that I cannot continue in this program, I will notify my Mentor and the Mentorship Program Coordinator. *

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