Transfer Credit Request Form

Please apply for transfer credit as soon as possible and prior to your program start date.

Please review the Guide to Complete the Transfer Credit Request Form before submitting your transfer credit request.

Important: To access and complete the transfer credit request form, you will need to know your RRC Polytech username and password for your RRC Polytech Account (HUB). You received information on this account in your Offer (Acceptance) Letter or in your Course Registration Letter (for Continuing Education students). If you need assistance in accessing your RRC Polytech Account (HUB) you can visit the ITS Help Resources for students. 

Submit the completed Transfer Credit Request Form along with all supporting documentation. If you are requesting credit for more than five subjects, please fill out more than one form.

Once the Transfer Credit Request Form is completed and submitted with the required information, the courses are then reviewed to determine if they meet all requirements.

If you have started your program, please continue to attend classes until your request(s) has been officially approved.