Bring your business ideas to life.

The ACE Project Space is an interactive workspace where students, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and corporations collaborate to bring unique ideas to life. With the guidance of experienced staff and faculty, students of the Business Information Technology, Business Technology Management, Data Science and Machine Learning, and Information Security programs work with industry clients to create prototypes, products and services that can be introduced to the market.

Who We Are

The ACE Project Space is a collaborative co-working and research space where everybody is encouraged to share ideas and discuss their experiences. Working together, all participants at the space learn about project delivery from conceptualization and requirements gathering to testing and implementation.


Our projects cover many disciplines – technology development, machine learning, user experience, virtual reality, information security, business analysis and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Projects and Research

Students and clients, who can be entrepreneurs-in-residence or external clients, collaborate to develop projects and perform applied research in the space. The activities developed in the ACE Project Space provide valuable team-based experience to students and affordable opportunities for the community.


Industry and Entrepreneurs

We work with many different industry sectors to bring technology-based and interdisciplinary project ideas to life. Several industry projects introduced by entrepreneurs, organizations and government have been successfully implemented at the ACE Project Space.


Partnerships and Funding

To ensure the success of our projects, we count on our many partners and supporters. Find out how businesses and government agencies have made a positive impact on our entrepreneurs, students, faculty and staff in the ACE Project Space.