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Hayley McMurray’s Story

March 30, 2021

The following are responses from Hayley McMurray, a 2014 graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Where do you work and what’s your current position?

I’m the Front of House Manager at Marion Street Eatery.

What are three career steps you’ve taken since graduating from Red River College?

  1. My first big career step was accepting a position at Walt Disney World for my second co-op program. I grew as a server in a fine dining restaurant, plus was encouraged to think outside of the box when it came to “creating magical moments” for guests.
  2. My second step was accepting my first managerial position at Marion Street Eatery. The Eatery was the perfect place to take this step as it was run by two strong females who also attended to Red River College and were willing to help me learn. The Eatery is all about providing comfort to guests and I’ve immensely enjoyed being in this type of setting. Being a smaller company, I get to really connect with the tight-knit staff and take on a lot of different responsibilities.
  3. The third step would be the continued education I have done with Manitoba Tourism Education Council. I’ve been able to take away lessons from each class there and apply them to my position within the Eatery.

What’s a highlight of your professional life after graduation?

My biggest highlight is gaining the manager position at Marion Street Eatery. I never expected to get into a manager role as soon as I did after school. I was very appreciative to have gotten the chance to grow and prove myself as a leader. Plus, it’s a very positive work environment.

How did your time at Red River College help you achieve your goals?

Of course everything I learnt from all of my classes and instructors at the College has helped me move forward in my career. But the biggest aid I’ve gotten from the school is through the networking they provide. My goal of becoming a manager came faster than expected as it was an instructor who got me the interview with Marion Street Eatery, and I’m forever grateful! Also, by still keeping in touch with RRC now, I fell I still get to network and connect with multiple people in the industry. The College itself creates a great community.