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Building a Foundation – A Profile of Tracey Dyck, Business Administration Grad

February 24, 2021

The biggest thing I learned in the Business Administration program wasn’t any one particular course or skill. It wasn’t economics or digital marketing or consumer behaviour. Rather, my biggest takeaway was learning a business mindset.

Through real world experiences, challenging problems to solve, teamwork, and personal instruction, I found myself building a foundation. I began forming an attitude that looks for opportunities, gathers resources, mobilizes others, and takes action—even when results aren’t guaranteed. This was especially true in the entrepreneurship course, where I helped to lead a team in creating a business plan from start to finish.

The real test, however, was to see if this newly acquired business mindset would work in the outside world. I’m thankful that it did, as I started a dream job in my field just three days after taking my final exam. This foundation built at Red River College enabled me to start off strong in the workplace, and it’s been serving me well since then.

To any prospective business student, I encourage you to jump into the program with both feet. Dig in and make the most of your experiences, the wisdom of your instructors, and the opportunities you’re given. This season of learning is just the beginning for you.