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Random Transport

May 14, 2018

Random Transport - Log In Page

Project Term: Winter 2018

Random Transport is a company that transports RVs with service throughout the Northern United States, Ontario, and Western Canada. Our students were able to develop some solutions to improve the flow of their daily operations.

Before our students started work on this project, there were two main issues that Random Transport was facing. Their business processes and data entry were all completed manually, a lengthy process where staff at Random Transport would manually type in data from paper forms. The other issue was that of interactions of the company with their customers. Often, their customers would submit orders with incomplete information, which required staff to contact the customers to fill in the missing gaps.

To solve this problem domain, our students developed: A web application for customers, dispatchers, and administrators; a mobile web application for drivers; and a communication system all users could send messages through.

Their solution served multiple use-cases. Customers could see their current orders, pickup and delivery dates, and were able to create new orders. Dispatchers now had access to all customer order information and driver availabilities. Administrators now had a web-based back-end to oversee and manage the entire process. Drivers could instantly receive messages and communicate with the dispatchers. All cargo is now traceable through the app and users can communicate efficiently with one another.

With this solution, Random transport was able to improve their efficiencies by reducing time spent on processes and improving communication.

Our students felt that they got a lot of value out of their experience at the ACE Project Space. They gained real and tangible experience working with our client, saw their solution come to life from the start of the lifecycle through to completion, using meaningful frameworks and technologies. They saw the real aspects of vehicle transportation systems and were able to use and enhance their problem-solving and technical skills on this project.

Technologies used: php, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter MVC, Scotchbox 1.4, MySql, JetBrains – PHPStorm, DataGrip

Random Transport - Create New User Screen

Random Transport – Create New User Screen

Random Transport - Create New Order Screen

Random Transport – Create New Order Screen

Random Transport - User Logs Screen

Random Transport – User Logs Screen