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Academic News

Face Recognition

May 13, 2018

Research student, Jonee Ryan Ty, has been working with our ACE Department Chair, Haider Al-Saidi, on a Facial Recognition Project. As a current BIT student, a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics, and an experience developer/engineer, Jonee has an intriguing set of experience and skills to support this project.

Jonee and Haider have been working together to get a facial recognition program working on a Raspberry Pi. Some of the areas that are in progress are finding a way to classify intermediate stages of recognition so the computer will know to look at subsets when new pictures come in.

Some of the present challenges include considering demographics that aren’t well recognized by the libraries in use, for example: children’s faces.

One of the project goals is to come up with a smart algorithm that works with a fast-access database in order to retrieve information efficiently. Ultimately, there are plans to integrate this face recognition technology into a Smart Desk. Technologies used include FP module, OpenCV, and Python.

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