Safe Work Procedures and Job Hazard Analysis

A Critical Job Inventory is a list of jobs, or tasks, which have been identified in the workplace as requiring Safe Work Procedures. The Critical Job Inventory is a way to prioritize high hazard tasks in order to focus efforts in addressing tasks with the highest level first.

A Job Hazard Analysis is an effective tool in breaking down a specific job, or task, in order to determine the steps required to complete the task, the hazards at each step, and control measures required to address the hazards at each step. The information collected in the Job Hazard Analysis is used to develop the Safe Work Procedure.

A Safe Work Procedure (SWP) is a document that is used to capture all of the information related to the safe execution of the task. The SWP includes information such as the name of the task, hazards associated with the task, personal protective equipment required, training required, references to regulatory requirements, and identifies the person (typically a Chairperson or manager) who has approved the procedure. They are an excellent tool for training and refreshing workers on the proper way to carry out the task. SWPs must be current within three years, accessible to workers at all times, and amended when necessary.

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Safe Work Procedure