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Free mindfulness webinar series by Prepped

May 26, 2020

Prepped has partnered with The WiseMind Co to bring you an exclusive 4-part webinar series on mindfulness. You can sign up for 1, 2, 3, or all 4 webinars – the choice is yours!

Part 1: The Hidden Power of Positive Emotions
Wednesday, May 27
12-12:30PM ET (11-11:30 AM CT)

Experiencing positive emotions broadens our minds and builds our resourcefulness in ways that can help us cultivate long-term resilience. Tapping into our unique sources of positivity is a healthy investment in our well-being. This session will teach you mental habits that can help boost your mood.

Part 2: Unwind Your Anxious Mind
Wednesday, June 3
12-12:30PM ET (11-11:30 AM CT)

When things are uncertain and may feel out of control, it’s natural for our anxiety levels to rise. A little bit of anxiety can actually be quite helpful as it plays a vital role in keeping us safe and motivated. High levels of anxiety can leave us feeling exhausted and stuck. Learning how to manage anxiety empowers us to navigate uncertainty with greater ease, while preserving our well-being.

Part 3: Leading with a Growth Mindset
Wednesday, June 10
12-12:30PM ET (11-11:30 AM CT)

We can train our mindset to be one that bounces back from adversity. We do this by getting curious and staying on the learner path. This session will prepare you to stay solution-focused and empower you to move through any challenge that may come your way.

Part 4: Using ‘Good Goals’ to Support Your Growth
Wednesday, June 17
12-12:30PM ET (11-11:30 AM CT)

Goals are really important anchors that can motivate us and contribute to our growth and resilience, but the nature of our goals matter. Some goals can contribute to burnout, while others can help us bounce forward. Learn how to set ‘good goals’ so that you can stay inspired.

All webinars are free and each includes a short Q&A.

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