Campus Alerting System

What is the RRC Polytech Campus Alerting System? 

InformaCast is a mass notification software that enables the college to broadcast alerts in a timely and efficient manner. The alerts will come through your mobile phone and on-premise devices (e.g. Office phone or computer).

What is a Campus Alert?

A campus alert can range from:

  • Sidewalks are hazardous due to the ice. Please be careful when walking on campus.
  • There is a medical incident in a building-please avoid this area.

Where will Campus Alerts appear?

College issued devices will receive notifications. This includes:

  • Text messages on College-issued cell phones and cell phones belonging to staff who are being paid per diems
  • Emails through Outlook
  • Cisco desk phones
  • Hallway speakers across NDC, Roblin Centre, and Manitou a bi Bii Daziigae
  • Desktop alerts on College laptops and desktops (coming soon)
  • Digital television displays (coming soon)

I do not have College-issued cell phone, can I still receive text alerts?

Yes! If a staff member would like to receive alerts on their personal cell phone, please reach out to

I am a student of RRC Polytech, how will I be notified of campus alerts?

Students will receive notifications through:

  • Academic email
  • Hallway speakers throughout eligible campuses
  • MS Teams

In order to receive notifications through MS Teams, students are required to self-subscribe to the MS Teams channel using the instructions below.