And then there were four! Welcome Kale, RRC’s new Resource Reduction Assistant

June 8, 2018

Hi there! My name is Kale Kostick and I am happy to share that I have joined the Red River College Sustainability team as the Resource Reduction Assistant for a six-month term. Through the UNA Canada Green Corps program, I was selected to assist Laura, Whitney, and Sara in their efforts to improve the sustainability of all Red River campuses. Mainly, Whitney, the Resource Reduction Specialist, and myself will be working on an energy planning and implementation framework that prioritizes energy reduction projects on campus and engages both staff and students in more energy efficient operations. In addition, we will be continuing work to reduce the amount of paper on campus through interactive strategies.

My fascination with sustainability evolved from a little bit of nurture and a little bit of nature – pun intended. Growing up in a home that was ever so conscious of purchasing and disposal practices, I inherently adapted these processes into my day to day life. I took this insight around the globe with me as I embarked on many backpacking travels throughout the years. This led me to become increasingly aware of the degradation that the planet faces at a macro scale, and the growing necessity to create more environments that facilitate a sustainable lifestyle.

The realization of necessity for a sustainable structure triggered my curiosity as to how this could happen at both a macro and a micro scale. This resulted in me pursuing a Bachelors in Environmental Studies at the University of Winnipeg, focusing on Issues in Sustainability. Just to keep me on my toes, I simultaneously picked away at a Bachelors of Business and Administration as I quickly learnt sustainability does not always equate to the natural environment.

Throughout this time, I became progressively interested in the relationship between humans and the world we live in. I recognized that at an individual level, there are actions that can be taken to reduce our footprint, but just as importantly there is always room for institutional improvement to assist with these individual transitions. Learning with others about our impacts on the environment and fostering a bond between the two is something I am very passionate about and am excited to be able to assist in bringing about a positive balance here at Red River College.

When I am not at the College, you can find me at one of the many music festivals in the province in the summer, or enjoying the atmosphere of one of Winnipeg’s many coffee shops. In the winter, I will often be out on the River Trail, or keeping warm in my apartment full of plants.

Feel free to reach out at either or 204.330.5391, or come stop by our office at C519!