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My Commuter Challenge Success Story

June 6, 2013


Sue Hayduk – RRC Sustainability Coordinator

Hi everyone. Last week I confessed that I had never commuted to work by bike. I’m pleased to let you know that I succeeded in my commuter challenge and biked to work!  I found that once I got on my bike and started riding, any fear I had at the outset melted away. I prepared by using the City of Winnipeg’s 2013 Cycling Map to plan my bike route and took note of the bike lanes or wider roadways on my drive home. What really made the difference was mapping my route on Google Maps using the bike filter. I was surprised to see that the commute was only 9 km. I thought, “I can do that”, and, well, I did!  The savings to the environment were also significant. I saved 1 litre of fuel and avoided 1.87 kg of CO2 from going into the atmosphere!

This experience really pushed my comfort zone – not only to bike comfortably on the road, but to take the time to prepare and change the way I do something every day. I am really glad I took the Commuter Challenge and I can now see myself riding my bike to work more often!

I hope my story encourages those RRC participants who have registered for the Commuter Challenge but have not yet logged their sustainable commute. You can do it – Go Team RRC!