Design. Create. Inspire.

Unleash your inner artist this fall.

Whether you have a hobby or talent that you wish to turn into a profession or you simply want a break from your professional life, studying a creative course can refresh and inspire other areas of your life, including your day job. And in some cases, your creative outlet can become a rewarding career.


Drawing and Illustration 1: Enjoy a relaxed, creative studio environment, study life drawing from models, and explore various drawing and painting mediums.

Fashion Illustration & Terminology: Develop the Illustration skills to communicate apparel designs. You will be encouraged to express design lines and silhouettes, and to create production sketches.

Children’s Book Illustration: Learn the process and techniques to create pictures that tell a story. At the end of the course, you will have a portfolio and a pitch for publication.


Event Branding: Learn to create a visually powerful and cohesive campaign that lives up to the brand’s promise. You will learn to ensure that all elements of your event, from print to digital properties, are in place and consistent.


Creative Writing: Explore different varieties of writing, including fiction, opinion, articles and advertising copy writing. You will develop

Scriptwriting: Learn to write a short video script and prepare it for production.