Ready for Online Education?

Skills you need to succeed in Online Education

RRC Polytech’s flexible online learning programs and courses use a variety of innovative delivery methods. Set yourself up for academic success both personally and professionally by reviewing this list of recommendations for online learning.

  • Online courses may require up to 30-40% more effort than in-class studies; so plan your time and manage your priorities well.
    • Set a schedule to balance your work, family and school obligations.
    • Plan for a minimum of 6 hours per week for your studies.
  • Consider your learning style – do you learn better from multimedia or do you prefer a face-to-face experience?
    • Online learning makes heavy use of audio-visual content, recorded lectures and readings.
    • Interactions with your instructor and peers happen through a variety of methods such as email, discussion forums and video conferencing.
  • Online learning is not like social media. Be familiar with email and discussion forums as tools for communication and learning.
    • Some courses may require you to reference any claims you make online. To start, be familiar with the APA citation style.
  • Get comfortable with using technology. You will need…
    • Access to a reliable internet connection as well as a computer less than 5 years old with the latest software and security updates.
    • To know how to consume multimedia content.
    • To know how to manage and sort your documents.
    • To know how to install, update and troubleshoot your own software.
    • To use conferencing technologies such as webcams and microphones.