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BRAVO: Roger Fitch is awarded for teaching excellence

April 25, 2018

Roger Fitch and Paul Vogt

Roger Fitch is an instructor of Red River College’s Administrative Assistant Certificate Program (AACP), and is the honoured recipient of the 2018 BRAVO award for Teaching Excellence.

As an award recipient of the highest level of recognition for RRC employees, Fitch is being recognized for his exemplary instructional qualities and for making an outstanding contribution to both the AACP and its students.

Fitch embodies a teaching style second-to-none; he thoroughly prepares prior to each term, incorporating experiences from previous course deliveries in an effort to continuously strengthen and improve future sessions. His positive attitude, upbeat disposition and clever sense of humour create a welcoming and safe environment where students enjoy the process of learning course concepts and applications.

It’s not surprising to hear that subject areas such as math and accounting may not be among students’ favourites, but if you were to ask a student in Fitch’s class, the answer may be different! 

Fitch genuinely wants his students to succeed, and his experience gives him the skill to identify students who may need additional support. His ability to create a positive and non-threatening environment where students are encouraged to ask questions enables his students to fully understand the concepts and applications taught before moving on to the next topic.

Over the years, circumstances have unfolded in which an innovative teaching approach was needed to be introduced to successfully support student success. Again, Fitch rose to the occasion. A pilot program called Transforming Futures created an opportunity for intellectually challenged students to receive the college experience while completing their AACP. Fitch ensured that the 12 students and their teaching assistants were fully integrated into the classroom and could keep pace.

Fitch is also mindful, considerate, and respectful of the individuals and cultures within his classes; his easy-going manner elicits an environment of trust and interaction where all students feel at home and have the same opportunities to succeed.

As one student summed up in a course evaluation, “I wish I had Roger as my teacher for all of my courses. He is the best!”

The AACP provides training and development to administrative assistants and covers a range of current and future needs, including Common Technical Skills, Communications and Writing, Interpersonal Skills and Wellness, and Diversity, Inclusiveness and Accessibility. AACP sessions are delivered through a blended learning approach, including both in-person with some courses available online courses.

In addition to the classroom training, the AACP also provides an annual professional development and networking event, an online resource site specific to administrative assistants, and a monthly lunch-and-learn webinar and discussion series.

Whether becoming an administrative assistant is your career plan, or if taking the program to complement your area of study is your goal, the AACP program provides job-ready skills that employers are looking for — and with Roger Fitch as your instructor, you won’t be disappointed!

Congratulations Roger on your well-deserved accomplishment.

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