Bike lockers are available for rent at the Notre Dame Campus. Seventeen bike lockers are located in high traffic locations around campus. The lockers have access doors on both ends and hold two bikes each – adding a total of 34 bike parking spots on campus. These lockers are ideal for regular bike commuters who want a place to lock their bike, bag and helmet in a secure, outdoor storage unit that’s protected from the elements.

Rental Details

  • Lockers are free to use, though you need to complete a Bike Locker Usage Agreement at the Campus Store (Notre Dame Campus)
  • Personal locks aren’t permitted – you’ll be given a College-issued key for your locker
  • Rentals are done in person at the Campus Store (Notre Dame Campus)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a bike locker?

There are 34 bike lockers currently available at NDC. Bike locker rentals are only offered through the NDC Campus Store. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot provide rentals for bike lockers online or over the phone.

What do I need to rent a bike locker?

You must be a current student or staff member of RRC. You will be required to read and sign a bike locker contract. A bike identifier card will be given to you to fill in your name, student/staff ID number and the serial number located on your bicycle. In addition, a bike locker key will be issued to you to gain access to the locker.

How much is it to rent a bike locker?

Bike locker rentals are free of charge. However please visit the Campus Store at the Notre Dame Campus to register for one. You may rent in advance, however, availability may be limited, especially in the summer months.

How long is the rental period?

Rentals begin on the first Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) of the month to the last Friday of the month.

I would like to renew my locker rental before it expires. How would I renew?

Requests for renewal will be processed from the 1st of the month to the 15th only. No lockers will be renewed after that, no exceptions. You must be present at the Print Shoppe to renew.

What happens if I lose the bike locker key?

You must inform the Print Shoppe immediately and a new key will be issued. There will be a $25 key replacement fee charged to your RRC account, or you may choose to pay the fee on site.

If I do not return the locker key at the end of my rental period, what happens next?

You will be charged a $25 fee. If your contents and bicycle are still inside the locker after your rental period expires, they will be removed.

Where do I retrieve my bicycle and contents?

You may pick them up at the North Gym during their regular open hours. Contents will be held for 30 days. You must present your RRC ID card and the bike identifier card given to you at the time of rental. Please review your bike locker contract.

I no longer require the bike locker however, my rental period has not expired.  Would I receive a refund?

No, there are no refunds.

Can I share my bike locker?

No. Please review your bike locker contract.

About the bike locker designs

In addition to improving end-of-trip facilities for cyclists, we wanted to give these big grey boxes (formerly known as our herd of elephants) a splashy makeover to animate our campus. We came up with the idea of showcasing prominent Winnipeg landmarks and the distance to travel to them by bike from campus. Our talented designer Marc executed this vision perfectly. We’re particularly fond of the FortWhyte Alive! design… What’s your fave? We still have some more lockers to complete. If you have a suggestion for a notable landmark you’d think should adorn one of our bike lockers, email us!

These bike lockers are part of RRC’s Transportation Plan. We’re committed to continuing to provide flexible, equitable and sustainable commuting options for students, staff and faculty. Find out more here.

Happy cycling.