iPad Cart for College Surveys

The Institutional Analysis & Planning (IA&P) department is currently the keeper of the RRC Surveys iPad Cart. The cart, when plugged into a LAN port, provides WiFi to 30 iPads. The cart and iPads are available for use with College Surveys found on the IA&P Survey Links page.

Please note:

  • The cart is for Notre Dame Campus use only.
  • It is available for use between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. (8:00 a.m. is the earliest pick-up time and 4:30 p.m. is the latest drop off time. Please allow time for taking the cart to your students and bringing it back to C509.)
  • The cart and iPads may only be used with links on the Survey Links page.
  • To book the cart:
    1. Go to your Outlook calendar and click on New Meeting. Type iPad Cart or iPadCart@rrc.ca on the To… line. Fill in Subject, Location, and Start/End time. IA&P will review your request for approval.
    2. Once we have sent you a confirmation, just complete the: iPad Cart Booking Form. Send the form and any questions you have to Nancy Ball at nball@rrc.ca.
    3. Please bring your Staff ID card with you to pick up the cart in C509.

The following list shows the surveys available on the Survey Links page:

Academic Program Surveys

  • Paths to Success
  • Apprenticeship Evaluation of Level (AELS)

 Supports and Services Surveys

  • Academic Success Centre Workshop Evaluation
  • Diversity Training Workshop Evaluation
  • Student Employment Services – Student Workshop Survey
  • Student Employment Services – Individual Meeting Survey

 Academic Clinical Course Evaluations

  • Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography Program (DCS)
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (DMS)
  • MRI Clinical Course Evaluation
  • MLS Clinical Practicum Course Evaluation
  • MRT Clinical Course Evaluation

 Other Surveys

  • LEARN Feedback


  • LEARN Login
    (Use this to get to your active SEI/C and SEPS links in the RRC Surveys widget on your LEARN page.)

iPad Cart Booking Form

  • iPad Cart Rental Agreement


For SEI/C and SEPS:
Students can access their Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course (SEI/C) and Student Evaluation of Program Survey (SEPS) through their RRC email or through the RRC Surveys widget on their LEARN page. If students are accessing these surveys on the iPads, they must use the LEARN Login link – scroll down to LEARN Login (for SEI/C or SEPS).

*Important: Please remind students that they need their LEARN login (username and password) to get to their LEARN page.

Students will see SEI/C or SEPS links in the RRC Surveys widget on their LEARN page if their surveys are active. The widget is on the left hand side of the page, usually on the middle to lower part of the page. Please note: the SEPS link may be mixed with the active SEI/C links in this widget but it will always have “SEPS” as the first word in the link.


Please contact nball@rrc.ca or 204-632-2909 if you have any questions.