We are a College community that is committed to preventing sexual violence, harassment and discrimination on campus.

What does this mean?

It means that we take a ‘no wrong door’ approach when it comes to providing support to students, staff, faculty, or visitors at Red River College Polytechnic. As a member of the College community, you may receive a disclosure of sexual violence, harassment, or discrimination.

Individuals will often first disclose to a person who they trust – someone who they feel will support them – even if that person is not an expert. If you are that person, your response can have a profound impact on individual who is making the disclosure, and help them decide what to do next.

You may feel nervous, uncomfortable and overwhelmed. This is normal.

Red River College Polytechnic has created several resources to help you understand how to provide a supportive response and to help the individual access the supports that they need.

Helping someone who has experienced sexual violence, harassment, or discrimination

If someone makes a disclosure to you, the most important thing you can do is listen and support the person.

Make sure the person is safe, ask what they need, and offer to connect them with the supports available.