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Leaders, hidden heroes and safety champions honoured at 2015 Bravo Awards reception

June 2, 2015

Recycling NDCThe College paid tribute to its largest group ever of Bravo Award recipients last month, during a reception that brought together staff and instructors from a wide swath of departments and program areas.

At the seventh annual Bravo lunch, held in the Jane’s dining room at the Paterson GlobalFoods Institute, RRC paid its highest level of recognition to employees who put the College’s core values into action by modelling leadership, professionalism and innovation in their work practices.

“Many of your co-workers, in the nominations they submitted about you, talked about how they aspire to conduct themselves with the care and compassion you demonstrate to others,” interim president David Rew told recipients.

“They see how you lead through your actions, and they want to learn from you in the way that you motivate others. They are inspired to perform with the same work ethic and skills that you bring to your roles.”

This year’s recipients include:

Hidden Hero Awards

(recognizing teams and individuals who quietly contribute to success for the entire organization by demonstrating the College’s core values of learning, respect, inclusiveness, integrity, healthy environments and community contribution)

Sarah SmytheSarah Smythe (Accounts Payable): Respected for her excellent client and customer service, her conscientious work ethic, and her outstanding organizational skills, Smythe is appreciated equally for her diligence and attention to detail as she is for her contribution to the social fabric of her department.

Among her many contributions to co-workers: hand-sewing baby blankets, baking and decorating 300 wedding cupcakes, making personalized Christmas and Valentine’s Day gifts, and volunteering for RRC’s golf, baseball and dragon boat tournaments.

May Louise HeadshotMae-Louise Campbell (Elder-in-Residence): An Ojibway Metis elder who for years has provided guidance and wisdom to both staff and students, Campbell is well known across campus for her generosity, sense of humour and thoughtful advocacy.

She has brought sharing circles, teachings and traditions to the RRC community, and has taught instructional staff how to ensure Indigenous students feel included, by showing compassion to those who are unsure of how to incorporate cultural teachings in their classrooms.

RRC Recycling Teams (see below for full list of names): Since their debut in 2000, the members of RRC’s Recycling Teams have become an integral part of the College family, and a highly regarded aspect of building operations at the Notre Dame and Exchange District Campuses.

Team members help the College’s culture of sustainability thrive, and as the demand for environmental stewardship keeps growing, they’ll continue to prove instrumental by responding to RRC’s needs with strength and skill.

Jennifer Powell and Clint ThiessenJennifer Powell and Clint Thiessen (Student Recruiters): Well-versed in RRC’s academic programs and support services — not to mention the instructors and support staff who make delivery possible — Powell and Thiessen represent the face of the College to high school students, guidance counsellors and mature students throughout Manitoba.

Among their numerous accomplishments: coordinating and staging RRC’s annual Open House — a recruitment event that has grown significantly under their leadership — and overseeing the College’s involvement in the Rotary Career Symposium at the RBC Convention Centre.

Safety Champion Awards

(recognizing an employee’s innovation, leadership and professionalism in contributing to RRC’s culture of safety)

Naomi FreyNaomi Frey (Instructor, English as an Additional Language): Since launching a new health and safety committee at RRC’s Language Training Centre last year, Frey has raised the bar on workplace safety at the campus, encouraging colleagues to be more safety-conscious in their daily activities, and helping to eliminate or reduce any possible hazards on-site.

Under her leadership, the idea of a healthy, safe workplace has become a more practical and relatable focus for many, leading to a shift in behaviours and actions that clearly reflect her passion.

Gord McLeodGord McLeod (Pavement and Grounds Supervisor): Directly responsible for ensuring commuters to the Notre Dame Campus enjoy a safe working environment, McLeod works tirelessly — in all weather — to keep walkways and parking areas clear

Known for his organized, open-minded approach to his work, McLeod has also been instrumental at leading innovation for RRC, recently introducing a new line of green products for grounds maintenance and pest control.

Leadership at All Levels Awards

(recognizing individuals who model exemplary leadership qualities and actions by contributing to organizational vision and change)

Chris BasarowichChris Basarowich (Manager, eTV): An enthusiastic manager who contributes to a higher standard for supporting student learning and skill development at RRC, Basarowich is most widely admired for leading a team that can draw out the visions of their clients to produce media pieces that constantly exceed expectations.

Fuelled by a passion for global development — as evidenced by his work for RRC’s Science of Early Child Development project in Pakistan and Afghanistan — Basarowich’s recent credits include the Nursing faculty’s Journey North production and his research on virtual environments using the Oculus Rift.

Neil LavoieNeil Lavoie (Chair, Stevenson Campus): In charge of operations at RRC’s Stevenson Campuses (both Winnipeg and Southport), Lavoie has earned the highest regards of his staff while rallying them to a set of shared goals.

Known for his ability to adapt in the face of change, he inspires confidence and loyalty in his teams, which — when coupled with his commitment to information-sharing and communication — better positions them to innovate and take risks in their own roles.

Notre Dame Campus Recycling Team:

  • Coby KaspickRecycling NDC
  • Christopher Pattern
  • Randall Baxter
  • Ashling Curran
  • Tracey Mitchell
  • Michael Owens
  • Brian Power
  • Florence Prokopsky
  • Paul Wiens
  • Shawn Taylor

PGI Recycling Team:Recycling PGI

  • Andre Crate
  • Cindy Petrides
  • Darrin Johnson
  • Janjo Magana
  • Sean Traverse

Roblin Centre Recycling Team:

  • Tina SewellRecycling Roblin
  • Mike Coble
  • Corey Fierback
  • Adam Haggart
  • Peter Lebetzis
  • Tom Trottier