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Canada Emergency Response Benefit- Application Begins on April 6

April 2, 2020

What is the Canada Emergency Response Benefit?

If you have lost income because of COVID-19, the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) will provide you with temporary income support of $500 a week for up to 16 weeks.


Who should apply? 

You should apply if:

  • You live in Canada, and you are at least 15 years old; 
  • You have stopped working because of COVID-19 or are eligible for Employment Insurance regular or sickness benefits:
  • You had income of at least $5,000 in 2019 from employment or EI benefits. You may have earned this income in Canada or in a different country.
  • You are or expect to be without employment or self-employment income for at least 14 consecutive days.


When do you apply?

Applications will be accepted beginning April 6.


How do you apply?

Telephone:  The phone line will open on April 6, 2020

1-800-959-2019   from 6:00 AM to 3:00 AM

You will need your SIN and your postal code.  

Online:  The portal will open on April 6, 2020

  • If you have a Service Canada account you can apply through this account to CRA


  • If you do not have a Service Canada account you can apply through CRA


IMPORTANT: Before you apply for this benefit online, please register for your CRA My Account and direct deposit.


For more information, please click here.


For help, please contact your student integration team: