Change your greeting by telephone

To change your greeting by telephone, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Messages button on your telephone to log on to Unity Connection. For additional log on methods and instructions, see the Listen to your voicemail messages webpage.
  2. Press 41
  3. Listen as Unity Connection plays your current greeting, or press # to skip it.
  4. Use the following keys to choose the greeting that you want to change:
  5. Key Action
    3▸1 Standing greeting (previously called external)
    3▸2 Closed greeting
    3▸3 Alternate greeting (previously called temporary)
    3▸4 Busy greeting
    3▸5 Internal greeting
    3▸6 Holiday greeting

    After your greeting plays, use the following keys to change it, and follow any additional voice prompts:

    Key Action
    1 Record/rerecord
    2 Use system greeting
    3 Enable/disable greeting
    Cancel or back up
    0 Help

    If you rerecord your greeting, you can use the following keys as you record:

    Key Action
    8 Pause/resume
    # End recording

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