Staff voicemail user instructions

Staff desktop telephone voicemail instructions

If you are logging on to your voicemail for the first time, refer to the Getting started section on this page. If you are looking for specific instructions for using your voicemail, refer to the Using your voicemail features section for links to valuable self‑help resource pages.

To download and print a one‑page quick reference chart for listening to your voicemail messages, please see the Voicemail quick reference guide PDF.

If you are looking for information about using your desktop telephone’s features, please see the Cisco IP telephone user instructions Help Resources page.

Getting started

The first step for using your voicemail is to register with Cisco Unity Connection over the telephone. When you press the Messages button on your desktop telephone for the first time, you will receive a prompt to enter your temporary PIN. To receive your temporary PIN, please see the Staff desktop telephone voicemail temporary PIN PDF.

Registering to use your voicemail

Once you log on using your temporary PIN, the first‑time enrollment message will guide you through a set of prerecorded instructions to help you complete the following tasks:

  • Record your name.
  • Record a greeting that outside callers hear when you do not answer your telephone.
  • Change your telephone password. (Longer passwords are more secure.)

    • The minimum password length is four digits.
    • Cisco Unity Connection stores your five previously used passwords and prohibits you from reusing a password that is saved in your history.
    • Your password credentials expire after six months, at which time the system will prompt you to change your password.

Using your voicemail features

Click the following links to navigate to the Help Resources pages of the voicemail features that you need help with:

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