Add weather to your calendar

  1. Sign in to your student email by accessing your HUB home page, in the Launchpad widget, under Applications, click Student Email.
    click student email in hub
  2. Click the gear gearicon in the upper right-hand corner of the menu bar, and then scroll down and click View all Outlook settings at the bottom of the Settings window.
    click view all outlook settings
  3. On the Settings pane on the left‑hand side, click Calendar, then Weather, and then choose from the following options:
    • Select Show weather.
    • Select either Fahrenheit or Celsius.
    • Click + Add another location, then type in a city’s name, click the city wanted, and then click Add.
      • If there is more than one suggested city, click the preferred city.
    • Click the recycle bin next to the city you want to delete.
    • Click Save to save your preferences.
    • Click the X in the upper right-hand side to return to your calendar.
      calendar weather settings

View weather details

  1. On your Calendar, select a weather icon for more detailed weather information:
    • Click the arrows on the upper right-hand side to toggle between your weather locations.
    • Click Edit locations on the bottom left-hand side to edit your current weather locations.
    • Click More details on the bottom right-hand side to open the internet site where the weather is uploaded from.
      weather icon details

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