Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology Solutions

Add weather to your calendar

  1. Sign in to  HUB and click Student Email and Applications in the Launchpad widget.
    click student email in hub
  2. Click the gear click gear iconicon in the upper right-hand of your Outlook homepage, then select View all Outlook settings.
    select preferred outlook settings
  3. In the left settings pane, click Calculator, then Weather, and follow these steps:
    • Select Show weather.
    • Select either Fahrenheit or Celsius.
    • Click + Add another location, then type in a city’s name, click the city wanted, and then click Add.
      • If there is more than one suggested city, click the preferred city.
    • Delete a city by clicking the recycle bin next to it.
    • Save your preferences by clicking Save in the upper right.
    • Click the X in the upper right to return to your calendar.
      calendar weather settings

Weather details

  1. To add detailed weather information, select a weather icon on your Calendar:
    • Toggle between your weather locations by locking the arrows in the upper right.
    • Edit your current weather locations by clicking Edit Location on the bottom left.
    • Click More Details to access the source site for more weather information.
      weather icon details

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