Set permissions for shared OneDrive files

NOTE: To learn how to share files from your OneDrive folders, click Share files in OneDrive

Permissions can be granted on Microsoft Office files, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations through your College OneDrive account. You may grant the default Read access, or you can provide edit permissions with Read/Write access.

  1. Open your File Explorer and locate OneDrive – Red River College.
    open onedrive
  2. Locate the document that you would like to assign permissions. Right click on the document, and then click Get access to.
    locate document right click and then click give access to
  3. Click Specific People.
    then click specific people
  4. Type in the name of the person, and then click Add.
    ype a name and click add
  5. Under Permission Level, click the drop down, and then choose their level of permission, either Read, as the default, or Read/Write so that they may edit.
    name and address defaults in then choose read or read-write
  6. Click Share.
    click share

Remove permissions

  1. Repeat steps one through four from above and locate the name and email address of the person that you would like to remove their permissions.
  2. Click the drop down and then click Remove.
    click remove
  3. Their name and email address will be removed immediately.
    their name will be removed immediately

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